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0 Tower Cafe with Exclusive 'Rain'

Okay, since the last prayer in church today suddenly i was attacked with the craving of Kota Belud noodle soup. I had lost track of time of how long has it been since i had this noodle soup. I am back to this cowboy town every weekend to fill my son's with love but i rarely visit the stall of noodle soup.

What's with this noodle soup from Kota Belud? Well, the noodles are homemade and i say this town has the most delicious noodle i ever ate. So, if any of you reading this entry will be visiting this town in Sabah, stop by at any stall by the Pasar Tani or Dewan Tun Said Keruak and feast your tongue with it at a very affordable price.

Well, since many of the locals especially the Dusun and Sino (Dusun mixed Chinese) had mastered the skills on making this amazing noodle, they even started to open stalls at the suburbans, mostly at the Ranau Bypass Road serve this menu.

Basically, this menu falls into two kinds of serving method, the usual one served in a bowl (your preffered size;big and small though actually make very tiny difference in amount) together with hot soup, the steamed chicken flesh and vegie. Or 'kan lou mee' in which the noodle was mixed with creamy soy ketchup while the steamed chicken and all was served in a separate bowl of hot soup. Hmmm, just typing this on makes me drool over it. Hahaha...nyummm!

Must feast with crunchy fried red onions and add chillies and whatever extra ingredients that you feel like wanna add on. All ready on the table. Moslems must takes note that this might not be halal. Since there are stalls that would replace the chicken with 'char sau' or pork according to customers's demands. However, there are also stalls that will not serve pork but i cannot guarantee that the preparations  were done the halal way.

Whew, that's a long introductions for a noodle soup. Well, i went to this stall or should i say restaurant, Tower Cafe in Rangalau to satisfy my cravings with Steven, my little son, mom, and my sister after church. When we were slurping on the creamy 'kan lou mee' , suddenly there was a very familiar sounds coming from the roof. Sounds of raindrops in the mid sunny afternoon.

The Tower Cafe just passed the Rangalau Bridge
It was all sunny outside, yes we can see that because the restaurant is open air one. We were kind of wondering and start to ask questions to each other what the hell of that sound about and i don't really remember who threw the stupid joke, maybe it is raining but only in this very zone. Right after that, we saw raindrops falling from the roof and we were like looking around the restaurant, noticed that the vehicle parked around did not have any drops of water on them and the glass window only flares more sunshine.

Steven was the one who finally broke the confusions, "oh it's the water sprinkler. They wet the roof so that the dining area won't feel that hot during the day". Make sense. The waitress and loyal diners must feel funny looking at our reactions when first hearing the raindrops in the hot sunny afternoon.

The water sprinkler above the roof. You often see this sprinkler to keep the grass green at your backyard but, this one done for the roof!
The restaurant has two sprinklers which 'rains' the roof occasionally to keep the roof cooled. Very creative solutions to hot weather. No wonder even without the ceiling, with bare roof zinc it felt so relatively damn airy and cool to the hot afternoon.
As you can see, the cafe has no ceiling on. Usually a premise like this will feel very hot inside during hot afternoon but this one, certainly aren't.

We continued to slurp until last strings of noodles but while that, we kept on praising the owner for that inventions.

"never saw one rains their roof to cool off the premise".

"it really works, felt cool. adds more credits to the already tidy and clean yards of the restaurants".

"...they have to 'rain' it every certain period which is very convenient for them because they can just pump up water from the river behind the restaurant."

"unique place with the very usual and humble noodle soup......"

Truly a place for just chilling on Sunday. Definitely a place worth called as 'our' place with Steven. 

A lounging area. 

Okay, readers who originally from this town that might ever went to this cafe may find that it is not outrageous at all. But hey, do you ever went to a place with hot weather like Malaysia that uses this kind of principle to cool their premises instead of using aircond? Share it!

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