Thursday, 21 June 2012

2 Make Over Date for Farewell Dinner

It has been years since i did not attend any formal dinner except for wedding dinner, i think since i was still in uni. But early this month i had a make over date with my sister for her farewell dinner. This was arranged since months ago and the date was still just around my comeback from Philippines. Perfect because i was still on holiday and it was one good excuse for me to go down to the city despite of my husband sick leg.

But before i was going to drive myself to her hostel, i got a call from her that her two friends asked if i can do make over for them too. Aww, it was three hours away from the dinner and i need one hour aside from the 3-hour, i was like, can i do 3 people in less than 3 hours preparation? What if they expected more of me? I might be able to nail their make ups, but i am never good at hair. I warned them about that by the way, however they are more than excited to trust their faces to my humble hands.

This is not my first time doing make over with people, i 'd done number of make over for flower girls, bridemaids and dinner but this is first time ever i have the guts to record the end products and publish it on my blog. Well, i wouldn't be able to publish it anyway because i only start blogging recently. Now, i see i had been typing for 3 paragraphs,just mere ramblings. Without further ado, check out the photos of before and after make over.

Olga: Before. She has very good skin , even if she does not
wear make up on daily basis, she still looked

Olga: After. Forgive me for the blurry shot. I put on
smokey black and glittery highlights team up with
pink blusher, lipstick and nude lipgloss.
My sister, Janefer: Before. She has oily and acne -prone skin.
By the way,the dark circles can be fixed using foundations.

Janefer: After. No more dark circles. I put on smokey brown eyeshadow team up
with pink blusher and pearly pink lipstick.

Claire: After. I don't have her before make over shot since
i only got 30 minutes left to do her make up.
Was quite in a hurry at tne time , only managed to
shoot the after make over sessions. She also had oily and acne-prone
skin , but as you can see after the magic of make up do his job,
she looked like she has the perfect skin. I put the same  make up on her as i
put on my sister's. 

 If you realize, none of these girl have the fake eyelashes going on. They refused to put it on as they were quite scared if they looked too over the top for the ocassions that night. Fyi, fake eyelashes could be overwhelming for them since it is their first time wearing this much of make ups on them.  I  simply agree to their request by the way, they looked beautiful even without it.

Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

0 Everyday Work Play Hard Make Up

I am grinning as i type this post title as it sounds like the technique is so hard to work on. Don't fret, make ups techniques that we bring to work i think is the simplest and the easiest to do. To me, choosing make ups style also applying the principle on dress to impress. Means the techniques and the degree of the thickness of the make ups depending on the ocassions we are attending.

When i am going to work, i prefer to wear the natural brown with a bit glitters, very light and simple unless i am involved in any sports or extracurricular activity in school. I will wear only eyeliner. As usual in any make ups rituals, we prep our face with moisturiser. I will wait for about 5- 10 minutes to allow the moisturiser to absorb into the skin. Then, apply foundations on the face evenly. It is best if we apply thin layer first and do not skip the neck to avoid masking effect and funny looking. I am using the BB cream white Maybelline with SPF 50 which i love for now for its long lasting effect and it does not oxidised and gimme the grey tone face at the end of the day when i am using a mere foundations. Wuhh, please forgive me if the photos go little blurry or and the color looked washed out. Still learning and trying to get perfect shot when doing make ups tutorial.

1.  First the eyebrow need to be defined by the eyebrow liner. I am using the powder type from In2It.

2. Then,  we take the second darkest color from the palette to be applied to the crease of eyes. I am using the Za Dramatic Eye Color in Gold palette.

2. Then, apply the glittery one to eyelid. This glitterry effect makes the eyelid looked bit more obvious for an Asian woman plus bigger eye effect.

3. Then apply the darker color to the outer eyelid, blend it with the color by its side to avoid harsh lines looks. Apply thin layer at a time is better than taking thick potion of the color to the eyelid because this make the color harder to blend and will likely looked uneven.

4. Then by using the same dark brown, apply it on the edge of the nose to make the nose looked higher. If i am not in a rush, i always do this since i am not blessed with perfectly shaped nose. Not that i am not thankful with what i have but i just want to enhance it sometimes temporarily with make ups effect.

4. The eyeliner. I cannot go nowhere out without it. Currently i am using the Masterliner Maybelline in brown. Apply it really close to the upper lashline that you get the slightly thicker lashline. Do not forget the lower lashline. Apply the eyeliner thicker at the outer lower lashline then slightly thinner towards the middle of the eyes. It is better to stop right at the bottom of the middle of eyeball.

5. Then curl the eyelash before applying generous mascara on it. I am using The Falsies Volume Express Maybelline in black. Apply it in zig zag way up to the end of the eyelashes to fan out every eyelash. Then without dipping the mascara brush to its tube, apply it to the lower eyelashes too. Though there were times when i was in a hurry, i always skip this step. Actually it has long way to go with the lower eyelashes as it makes the eyes looked bigger.

6. Smile and apply the blusher on the ample of the cheek up til close to the upper ears. Try using the largest brush you have as the blusher won't looked like a harsh pink circle on the cheek. I am using the Wet n Wild Coloricon blusher in pink. It gives me the healthy look on my face. Looked like i just finish a 200 metres run with it on my cheeks.

7. Apply some lippie. I like nudy or pinkish color when i am going to work and even random outings during the day. After applying some, i am  good to go. If i already fix my hair. :)

The end product. Eh, with different lighting and
hair set.

 How long do you spend time to do your make ups before going to work? For me, i need  at least 45 minutes. I may rush on any other thing in the world but   never go anywhere rushing my make ups time. But only if I need to groom myself to get there. For instance, I don't need to wear make up to get to the grocery stores which is only a kilometre away from home. Seriously.

Monday, 18 June 2012

1 A Son becomes a Mother's lifesaver

Bradley Mitchell, 10 receives his honarary firefighter after saving his mother
in a car crash last December. 

This morning i opened my tablet  browser and came across a news that touches me. I was like, a kid? Woaah! 10 years old. Truly a blessed family with God-send-from-above son.
 We usually heard about parents saving their child's life. But here is an inspiring story about a 10-year-old boy who saves his mother's life in a car crash by giving her a CPR which according to him , he watched from tv how people did it therefore he felt like it is very natural when doing it. The accidents which happened last year on December suffers his mother from broken neck, pelvis and ribs, with severe internal injuries was survived because of his son's brave and immediate actions. This Arizona boy is named an honarary firefighter for his heroism act. Mother was very grateful for having his son that she said, " without him, i wouldn't be here today."

Bradley, you makes every parents in the world proud.
Parents, appreciate your childs though raising them might be the hardest thing that we ever done in life. They are blessings from Above. Stop throwing infants, the society does not need to hear any awful ugly news like this anymore in our country.
Drive safely on the roads, folks. Do not text, drink and drive. Be cool while handling the steering wheel. Do not drive angry.

Proud Momma, JV

0 Principles On Shopping Chemistry

Shopping is still pretty much of my most favourite things to
do rather than calculating my hand off my scien
tific calculator

Before i was married, the only thing that i could think of on what to spend my excess money is to shop every dress, stilettos and handbags in every shop i passed by in mall. Never had i failed to take at least one thing from a shop. Back to when i was still in college is worse. I had my pocket money mostly from ma and pa and my scholarship. I even thought that i had more pocket money than what i have now in my purse. Of course, after i was married, i could not just think of what should i wear but, also to my family's needs and household items though i am only the one who goes to the store , not the one with the purse opened. you got what i mean! my hubby technically the one who support the household spendings, me practically just spending my money for me and half on my lil son. hmmm, i am one lucky woman in the world but still i don't understand why i occasionally complaint about money. when i have my husband settle for my stomach's needs.

But no matter how crazy i was about shopping, i would never let my principles on shopping left at home. My ultimate shopping principles is never about the high-end products but products with good to medium quality combo with reasonable prices, on products, i wanna make sure that it is approved to be safe to used.

On make ups and beauty products:
First, we saw commercials on tv, then i will check out the product reviews. Then meet the products face to face.... Check out ingredients, approvals, tests then i make sure that i can afford it, to maintain the goodness it does to me. Even if i can afford it now, especially these high -end products,i must ask myself if i can afford it again next time around. I can't afford to risk my already sensitive skin by constantly changing products that i can only afford financially at times. Principle to look on to, never change it if it doesn't troubled you. So, for me if one products does good to me, doesnt matter what brand,  or how expensive, how cheap it is,  i dont change it for as long as it serves me best. Show some loyalty, because some products can take about two weeks to show results. Be patient on beauty products. Make ups, no matter how good it is, it is still highly advisable not to bring your face down with it to the bed,  means it always has to go away in the end of the day. So, what is there for me left? So, instead of only wearing high-end lines, it is enough for me to wear those approved and safe, bonus with long lasting, minerals, vitamins and rich colors from drugstore make ups products.

On clothes and handbag : Fashions come and go, for that i don' t mind wearing from retails as long as it is comfortable and in trends. It is not like i must wear the newest trends but i am holding on to the principle,  dress to impress. Second i will look on if it suits to my body type. Of course, handbag doesn't counted like that. If it looks cute and elegant, buy it doesn't matter if it really Guess or not because in maybe two months or three i might get bored with it and not gonna ever wear it again. Finally, comfort. Huh, any girls should admit that the most desirable dress will not be so comfortable on you even if it suits you. Haha!

Why i dont mind wearing cheap handbag sometimes and clothes, because i like to change myself with clothes i am wearing. So i dont really thinks that i will spends hundreds on something that i might only wear for a month or two or one night. You dont have to wear million dolars clothes to look stunning.Trust me, there are lotsa girls who have plenty of one night stand with their dresses! I feel guilty pleasure about it but, the thought of wearing same dresses for other occasions that is specially bought or sewed for particular occasions at first, always sends shiver to my spine. Okay, it is not that awful or like the world is gonna end that i am being a bit of overreacting about it, but come on, folks. I am only imagining worse case scenario. I kinda have insecurity when people starts asking, is that the same dress you wore on here and there dinner?
Argh, it is not like there will be paparazi showing it on Melodi or Astro Awani news. Or be mocked on Mangga or Harian Metro. But really? However, I am simply typing the over the top statements here, i hope that's fine, at least to my thinking set.

On some stuff like watch, shoes,  sunglasses, i will choose the high end products for quality and comforts. I am also likely to have a long -term relationship with these. So, can't say that i am against the fine stuff but, i am only have to be a smart shopper.


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