Tuesday, 11 September 2012

0 First Birthday Party for My Son. Happy Birthday, baby Chris.

Planning the first birthday party is a milestone for every parents. We do understand that our child would not understand this party thingy or might not even care about it. 

So, it is more likely that the party was held for the family and friends. Our child might not even remember the party even if she seems like enjoying the love around during the party. So, it's really up to the family themselves if they want it to do the party. What's important is that the parents would not feel pressured into doing it.

 Me , on the other hand was really excited doing it since i think there's just so many to be thankful throughout the year and Steven and I just consider our son to bring so much blessing and joys in both of our family. So, i might say that my son's first birthday party is not only about celebrating my son's birthday but also to be thankful of all the blessings the family enjoys.

My son is turning one on the last Thursday but, since Steven and I were busy with works on the weekdays we decided to do it on Saturday night and invited close family , friends and neighbors only. Of course, doing a party needs a plan! I started making plan at least two weeks from the party date. Well, it starts off with designing banner and invitation cards. Of course, this works wasn't by me. But , by Steven. He he he. I only send the designs off to be printed in a printing shop in town. 

Then, the food budget. It takes 80% from the whole party budget to be allocated. Food is one of the most important element in a party and make a last remembrance. I think it made the most lasting impressions whether it's good or bad. Planning what to be served is important since this party was meant for the kids. It's funny that a party can be judged as good or not by a food alone. So, mom and me picks menus that we thought children would love. And of course lots of snacks and jellys.

If the budget is not tight, held games for the kids. Reward the guest children with presents. Then, party would not be a plain prayers, cutting cake and  eating sessions only. I am pretty sure by the way that parents would not include the sleep over in the first birthday party. A year old baby would still very much needs to be cuddled from her mom when going to sleep at this year around and will be so until two to three years ahead.

Games doesn't have to be many. It's enough by three. So, i picked three games that i thought is not budget consuming and can be held for a short period of time, who-eats-the-chips-the-most, passing-hot-potatoes and couple of lucky draws. The kids were enjoying the games so much that the house was filled with the children laughter and screams. And this is the only day that i really heard my old man , i mean my dad laughed his heart out so much when looking at the kids were histerically playing.

Final element to be considered is time. The party is best held at times when your baby has just had her nap and mealtime to avoid her being grumpy during the party. So, i think it's best held at late afternoon , just when she woke up from her nap and getting her bath and eat. It works wonderfully. My son surprisingly became exceptionally sociable during the party. It's as if he was the guest usherer at the door  when the guests were just arriving. He walked around entertaining most of the guests, singing along (of course in her own form of language) and even show support to those children that took part in the games. My son truly makes the whole crowd turned head for him for his exceptional friendliness that evening. 

Looking at this photo makes me realized that my baby son isn't much a
helpless baby anymore but a toddler already. Aww, feels like the moment i gave birth to him
was just yesterday! Time flies fast.
Ian.. Might just be Chris' first friend outside home

Chris was so keen to hold the balloon from Ian, while Ian was busy blowing it up

Chris was actually amazed by the ONE tooth that Aaron (boy in orange shirt) has. How he has four on his upper gum and two on the lower gum while he is younger than Aaron by eight years.

Chris always wants to be the centre of attention of everyone

Echa. The most healthiest looking niece. She shows more empathy like the adults do.

Echa and Xora. The BFF niece. It's so funny watching them laughing together at Madagascar actions. They laughed even at the most unlikely funny scenes. Hahahaha... Girls just wanna have fun.

Chris did not cut the cake. He poked.

Passing "hot potatoes" around the circle could get the kids going crazy. Some even fight about who pass the slowest. They were trying to slow down the passing pace so that they can own the gift inside the many layers. Everytime the music stopped, the kid who was holding the "potatoes" at the moment will unwrapped it by a layer. And when the music played again, the "potatoes" gets around again.

The boys really work their ass off in this who-eats-the-most-chips challenge. By the way, the boy (Fikri) with red muscle tee won this challenge.

First winner of the lucky draw. I heard from guest that he was having a fever but he managed to attend the party anyway. Guest even said, that he recovered after winning it. Whoaa. Semangat pemenang.

Second winner of the lucky draw, (Trifenna). She screamed , "me!" so loud when her number was called, it shocked and freezed my brother, the game host for a while. It was like he was having a short term memory loss when he heard the screams, his face told, " what, what, what? What just happened? Did i say something wrong?"

A first birthday party should not be a pressured tasks for the parents. If they were too occupied i think it is okay to held a party that is attended by the close family and friends only. Baby won't care and the only thing that matters the most is that the baby feels loved by the people around her.  

That's it from me sharing my first ever experience planning and held my son's first birthday party.I hope you enjoy it and if you are planning yours too, all the best. If you have had the same experience, share it. Sharing is love.

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