Thursday, 26 April 2012

5 Breastfeeding: the not really 101 why's

You might think that i talks about the downhills of breastfeeding, but i am simply putting the title that way because with these 6 reasons only, they are enough to rest the case. Why do the nurses encourage us to breastfeed? They might even snatch the bottles from your hand if they sees you with it in wards. Haha, well at least in government hospitals! Read on, hot mommas, here is the health benefits you and your precious one possesed from breastfeeding.
A nursing baby ( aww, isn't she looked beautiful? she is not my baby by the way, i just grab this photo randomly from Google Image )

 1. It burns about 20 calories to produce an ounce of milk! Can u imagine how much do you burn if your baby drinks 4 ounces each sessions with 10 sessions a day? That's one way you could fit into your jeans in less than 3 months! I did it, so can you! For the first six months post pregnant, i never ever been on exercise nor am i watching what i eat but i still have a slender 34-27-36 figure

 2. The longer a mother breastfeed, the more protected she is from such womanly illness like, ovarian and breast cancer. We can see a lot of posters on this at hospitals and gynae clinics around the country.

3. Lower the risks of less womanly illness like heart-disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Crrrrackk!

 4. Makes a mother feels good. Why? When a mother beeastfeeding, lots of oxytocin hormones released or we might called it as a 'bonding' hormone that gives you the feeling of relaxations as well as euphoria. Euphoria..i like to say this words over and over again.

5. Saves you a lot of cash on formulas. Do you realised how expensive it is?

 6. Breast milk is riched with vitamins and antibodies that is essentials to the baby's health for the first 6 months of her life. It prevents baby from developing allergies and lowers the risk of infections. This is proven by American Academy of Pediatrics

 There you go! Even if you are a working momma, you can still breastfeeding because there is a lot of products and services that helps a busy momma to continue nursing even after back to work. Me, myself had exactly 4 months of breastfeeding my little son because after i am back to work, my milk supply decreased gradually and that's when i stop beeastfeeding altogether and gives him formulas. It buys time too to really meet the formula that really suits him since i have tried at least two brands of formulas but he ends up getting diarrhea. Poor baby Chris. Finally he drinks up NAN 1 Pro though at first he was not a fan of it at all. Crying everytime he was weaned. But, he grows out of it in 2 days and now that he's 7 mo and couldn't live without it! Enjoy breastfeeding and be beautiful !


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