Saturday, 25 May 2013

0 Holiday.

It has been few weeks since my last entry. It you're a loyal follower of this blog, yours truly really sorry for the slows in updates.Trust me, when i'm out that could only mean that i am up for so many things. :p

Well, this weekend marks the commencement of mid year school holiday. Yay! Steven and i are taking my parents to Kuching, Sarawak for some vacation. I am not  sure what we are looking for there but, i know Kuching can't be a wrong place to spend few days for my holiday. We were supposed to take both our parents but, due to (God knows ) some complications from other family members, Steven's parents decide to call off the holiday. For them.The rest of us go on anyway. 

All this while whenever i traveled, I paid a good tour guide and had him manage everything for the vacation. I just had to hand him the money and pack my bags , look good and off we go. This time ,Steven and I decided to do this different.Everything on our own. Because, we thought that we are not going to countries that speak no Malay nor English. It's the neighboring states , for good sake.

Hotel booking given us enough headache not to mention, two or three arguments we had over choosing the right hotel. There were just too many options but, we put particular budget about everything. And also this is the first time we travel with our 20 months old son. With small kids involved there were just so many thing to consider especially where we are going to laid off our sleepy head at night. We need to be near to convenient stores and places to eat. We had to rely on reviews from prior guests of the hotels to find out how well is the hotel. Is it child friendly? Is it clean enough? Everything needs to be considered.

But, thank God just yesterday i managed to book what Steven and I agreed are the best choice of hotels Kuching. Lest we experience the opposite when we get there. We are going to stay at two different hotels as most of of choices are fully booked. Well, i am stubborn enough not to listen to every words the hotel operators told me, thanks to two good months of working experience as a receptionist cum operator in a three stars hotel in Labuan back before i got into UMS. I know that it was just some kind of sales strategy. I went through every online hotel booking sites possible and ran into , where they had this ongoing promotions on certain rooms in a hotel that i had been eyeing on ever in Kuching. just end my misery on searching for a decent place to lay down at night. Where is it? Til my next entry.

Traveling with old folks and small kids can never be more comfortable than being able to drive around the town on our own. Then, we would not have to be ashamed of having to yell and arguing in the car about everything. There is just this thing about my family about high volume voices.I also found this cheapest i could find in Kuching for car rental which i found from Facebook, Samauto. It is some grueling moments since it is just so hard to get to talk to the owner! But, got it managed and booked too. I just had to text the owner on the day of our departure to Kuching to confirm our flight arrival. Yay!!

So, planning on a vacation is not an easy tasks. Especially when you are  taking your folks together with you. Planning at least a month to two weeks before departure i think make sense to avoid last minute surprises. Nobody wants to go on a vacation with boiled mood. 

What are you doing this holiday? Whatever it is, take care and spend it wisely with your loved ones. 

Unrelated photo of mine. Just wanna make a decent closure for this lame entry with my smiling face. Yadaa..!


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