Thursday, 26 July 2012

2 K Stewart cheats on Rob Pat. Not a surprise

Here is the bomb that US Magazine just published last Wednesday. Their movie saga is my favorite vampire love. I used to watched the first installment of Twilight repeatedly and even skipped to the best scenes only to speak along their lines. I can remembered most of their romantic pick-up lines! I know, i am that fan-natic.

No big deal, there were loads of suckers for Twilight and they were way crazier than me. They even write poetry about this couple downfall. Well, you might not surprised too with this entry because you've read it from somewhere else but, i just wanna share what summarises everything that we read from the news. If you have your opinion, you can post comments at the comments roll.

Back to the scandal. Wuuu...

Looks like their off screen love life is not as good as on screen like people used to see.

It is first reported by US Magazine when they leaked steamy photos of makeout sessions of Kristen and her director from Snow White and The Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. Following this, a rather embarassing story of Kristen, she went for apologising about that scandal and for the first time proffessing her love towards Rob Pat. Well, he might had known about the infidelity long before the US magazine found out about it.

The next day, Rupert Sanders also did the same to her wife and family. Poor Liberty Ross, wife of Rupert, and two children whom they shared after 7 years marriage. She is a model for UK Vogue. Her last line on twitter before closing her account was simply, "wow". Isn't she cool. No b***** lines thrown okay.

Looking back on June, in an interview with Elle magazine, Kristen has said that she wished for something crazy to happen to her. It is like she had been expecting the scandal to be out and purposedly wanted to crushed everything into pieces and everyone's heart. She knows how big deal is she and Rob Pat is to the fans.

What can we rationalised from this scandal? From her statement before the scandal was out, could it be like she might be purposedly leaked the photo to the press? Or could it be she purposedly started out a scandal without thinking the overall consequences? Is the scandal true? Sorry to break the fans' heart, it appears to be true for now. If it's not, why the actress and the director go such a fuss to make public apologise? She could admit to this infidelity but it takes years for her to admit that she is in a relationship with her co star in Twilight.

Well, let's see from the bright side. On 2011, there were some friends of Rob Pat thought that Kristen will break his heart because they thought that Kristen does not love Rob as much as he does to her. Well from the press conference, she said, ..."i love him. I love him. I am really sorry." there! Truth is she loves him. That's kinda too late by the way, don't you think? Well, let's hope it works finally.

She might wish that this craziness will fall on her. It might be just random flirts that gone wrong. Then, suddenly the photos was leaked. Another question arise? Is it maybe Rob Pat let it leaked to teach her a lesson? They were seen fighting on the backstage of Teen Choice Awards just days before the photos leaked.

What i really don't understand is, (which was quoted from Rob Pat too few years ago on an interview) "i don't understand why people cheats on their relationship." He is clearly is heartbroken but come on, what relationship is without any hardship. Kristen said everything comes too easy for her that she hopes for something crazy to f****** happen to her. It is happening now, Kristen. Your wish is coming true. Another irony is that she ever said that she never wanted to be like Angie Jolie, a celebrity but just wanna be an actor. Confusing isn't it? When i read these quotes from her from the, i was like, what? She has become one, and probably the bad one when the news of cheating went public. Don't worry, it is just this bad for the first week. People will accept what you did, and maybe will forget once other stories coming out. Come on, she knew better than us. It is Hollywood. Or is she merely throwing good act on that make out photos as to prove that she is one of hell good actress?

Crazy! Just be careful of what you wished for.
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  1. this is all over the news, im not really a fan of twilight so its no biggie to me lol

    1. Yes, it was. i am just summarising the news. haha, for i am a fan. thanks for dropping by , by the way kerker.


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