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0 Feeding Schedules for Baby

It is only right to post this entry after sharing my experiences and to do's when weaning baby from breastfeeding. By the way, my baby is 10 months old now and is fully on formula and eating solid food ranges from rice to fish and chicken.

His feeding schedule for a day is like;

4-8 months : 4-5ounces for 7 times a day.
8 months -now : 5-6 ounces for 6 -7 times a day.

Time : 9 a.m. , 12 p.m. , 3p.m. , 6.30 p.m. , 9 p.m. Nightime feeding : on demand. There were times he did not drink at all and sleep through the night. Usually he would want it until twice a night.

Take note, this schedule only applied when he is on formula. All directions on preparing the milk must be followed accordingly  or the formula won't work as it says it does. There is reasons why it was named by formula milk.

When my son was still breastfeeding, he would be nursed on demand or every two hours. The midwives advised that it is important  as breastmilk is easily digested by baby's tummy. whoaa, no wonder he will pooped after nursing sessions.
My son, Chris weighing 8.1kg with height, 70 cm at 10 months old.

My son had been introduced with solid food since he was 5 months old but only once a day. I waited until he would  really open his mouth when the spoon is pointed to his mouth and starting to chew off food before increasing the number of mealtimes a day. When he reached 7 months old, his mealtime turns to twice a day, one in the morning, another one in the evening. 7.30 a.m. and 4-5 p.m.  respectively until now.

He could ate about a bowl of rice porridge mixed with vegies and protein sources like fish fillet, chicken, anchovies, beancurd and so on. But , my son is no big eater like his parents. Haha! However, between mealtime and nursing, i would give him snack to chew on especially when the whole family is eating and he just finished his meal. He will appreciates it that he could eat with the whole big people in the house. Snacks for baby could includes, fruits like bananas and papayas, or baby biscuits. 

Baby also has his mood and winds. My son is now will get a hang on something if he found something i thought be a bond to him at a time. He would objects if you are trying to take him off from the thing that he gets the hang with at that particular time. How to break the bond for instance if he found the baby powder talc and bites it badly, distract him  with other things which is safer for him to play.

So does when it comes to mealtimes,  sometimes he would go  really ballistic everytime the spoon with food in pointed to his mouth. One has to face hard time even to feed solid food to the child especially if the baby is not a big eater. Usually i will try to sing for him the song, "If You're Happy" or just distracts him with weird sounds or any fancy colored cup to play with during the session. It always worked out well.
But, one should never force her baby to eat if he is not willing to. Let the baby guides you how much he could eat or when he is ready to eat. Only then you can determined a routine for her to follow everyday. Chances are the baby might still full from milk, sleepy, has an uncomfortable stomach or simply want to play outside or down the floor. So, parents have to watch closely on when their baby is going to have her mealtimes. Baby could not be too hungry or too full too before the session or she could get grumpy.

Parents always have to remember that they should always try their best to follow a certain routine because babies like predictable and repeatable things. Therefore, no matter where you bring your baby either to her grandparents or other relatives, or when you are travelling with her, routine is best to be followed at all times to withhold senses of security in her.

For example that you should never skipped breakfast or dinner for her if he always had one.

I think that's it for tonight. To new mothers who happened to read this entry, happy feeding your baby. You are one awesome mother (smile).


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