Friday, 4 May 2012

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The Legendary Sex Symbol

Who doesn't know the above beauty? She is Marilyn Monroe. Most famous actress and model of  all time. Though that she is long gone, which 50 years ago she remains the talk of todays biz news. Recently,  her long lost nude photos of her from the last on set photos were released. She was one of the best sex symbol on earth!  and still rocking it. This news increases my motivations to blog about her. Why? Simply because imma big fan of her! Not that i wanna be like her, but simply her story touches me in a way i can't explain. Aisey.... Im being melodramatic. (lol, i did have a dream to be a movie star when i was a school girl. Uh, come on...i still dream to be one until i was married! i mean who doesn't?) Despite her troubled childhood and marriages I believe she is just a woman who wants to find a true love and be a star! She made it!

By the way, i plan to do more research on her and do a tribute for her in my blog on her death annivesary which is on August 5. I don't really know how im going to pull it off, but at least i will do this. Gonna start some rough outline for it. Stay tune! 


Fan of Marilyn Monroe

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

0 Second Time is Sweeter

Last Sunday , my family and I went for an outting to the wildlife park of lok kawi. It was not my first visit actually to this park. My last visit is around November 2009 with my cousins and their kids. Well, i remember this very well because my husband which was at the time i called as my date cancelled our day out to movie. Grrr, not related at all ! But I certainly did not feel any happier following my cousins to the park at the time. Purrrrrrrrrrr...... Thank God that second time is perfect!

Well, this is the place to go if you just wanna chill with your family and loved ones, have picnic, it has picnic area in the park, or if you just wanna be away from the hectic lifestyle in the city and be close to nature. Anyway, the wildlife park is only 20 minutes away from the city of Kota Kinabalu. To get here, one can take either the Jalan Lama to Papar if one is coming from the Putatan direction and go the Lok Kawi. Or...via the Donggongan. The park opens daily at 10 a.m. and for Malaysian, the entrance fee is MYR 10, for none nationale, the fee is MYR 20. While for kids under 18 charged MYR 5 only while the latter, MYR 10. The park coveres 280 acres land and this covers the botanical park too. It is probably the largest wildlife park in Malaysia seeing at the area that the park covered, says my husband. Nonetheless,  I still did not visit this botanical park even for the second time around i've been here. Mommy, my sister and me were too tired to continue walking to the botanical park.Actually, they have a tram service which operated everyday at 10 and 11.15 in the morning then, in the afternoon, at 2 and 3.15 pm. that goes around the park and stop at certain point to let the visitor have a good look at the animals. But, we did not take the tram service because we were late, arriving only at 10.30 am.

Right after the entrance, they had this big kinda gazebo that places a big python where visitor will have the chance to take picture with it. This means that one could hold it on their arms and shoulder. Well, none of them were interested with snakes so we went straight to look at the parrots, there's a lot of it and they were making so much noise when they had a lot audiences coming at them. Then, we proceed to the animal show which held twice daily at 11 am and 3 pm. except on Friday. From my experience, the show had improved since my first visit. They had more shows than before, at least they always made improvements and changes so that people will keep coming.

The animal shows consists of few animals showing off their talents. I do have some videos of it but my internet line now is sooooooo slllooooow.......the pygmy elephant.....aww, i wasn't able to upload their photos because i can't copy the picture from the camera to pc. What a waste! I have few best shots of the pygmy!! Well, just gonna enjoy with what I have now, and can share here, then.

Right at our background down there, was the stage of
the animal show
The entrance
That's the tram service i was talking about! Cool, hay?
Errr, not the limousine ok

Happy times with my lil' son

He does looked like Rio in the movie. He was called Moglie here and he
also does few shows. This bird is indeed has celebrity
value in it

There is snake show too. They allowed the visitor to touch the skin of the python

This horse is so cute, it looks like a unicorn without its horn. It is also one of my favorite animal in the park.
It called  miniature horse.

A family picture with husband and lil' Wylie

JV Proud momma

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