Friday, 2 November 2012

0 A review: Sinister

So , this is rather a late entry on this movie review because i believe that this movie is no new to any of you there. And it's been two weeks(?) since i actually watched it with my sister.
It is a horror story that revealed about an ancient cult that prey on children after the children killed their families brutally. This story started when a true crime novelist found a box with Super 8 films and projector at the attic of their new house. He watched the films that contains horror stories which at first all showed happy innocent families finally killed brutally in various ways. This novelist , Ellison then used the story to write his new novel.

The story was kinda flat at first as it focused on the footage that this novelist, Ellison watched in his working room in the house. The footage of course disturbing enough to watch but somehow, i do hope at first that this novelist could unfold who was responsible towards the murders and why it was done so and produce a hell of a novel based on these murders. For some reasons , Ellison thought that they were all related. My hope was kinda twisted when i preferred Ellison to bring his entire family to move out as what his wife, Tracy insisted when their children , Ashley and Trevor were terribly disturbed with bad nightmares , ghost of a girl, Stephanie, and eerie sleepwalking.

The story reached its climax when as we had watched tonnes of horror movies before ,(if you are a fan) the hero himself would be greatly affected. But it is not like we thought that he would be tempted to murder his family because we should keep in mind that this cult preys on children only. So, Ellison was also disturbed probably the worst than his family did. Irony is, his wife was never gotten into any disturbance. The only thing that she concerned of is  her children and her annoyance over her husband when she found out that the house they moved in was the house where all the families in the footage was killed. 

Well, since the Bughuul, owh, i didn't explained about it. It is the boogie man in this story that preys on the children. He has to get either one of Ellison's kids. I was first thought that if it has to be, it got to be Trevor since he was the one who was badly affected by the moving. But, guess who found new friend in the new house? Ashley found Stephanie, a ghost of a girl that hung all four of her family at the front yard of the house. 

I wouldn't say that you would be happy for its ending, because the history would always be repeated in horror movie since the films and projector just can't be destroyed. Eventhough so, all the thrills, the screams that you would be having a lot, a quick laugh when Ellison and Tracy was arguing about the house, watching this movie would worth it. Well,  this movie was claimed to be the most scariest horror movie of the year. 

I said, 3.5 stars.


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