Thursday, 16 May 2013

0 A Review: THEFACESHOP Clean Face Oil Free Control Essence

The regime we do after cleansing our face is moisturising. I have been using a Za emulsion for the longest time and not that it is not good but , it is just so good enough for my oily skin. 

I give myself a try for THEFACESHOP line, Clean Face where this line specialised in treating oily and troubled skin. I noticed that in Korean products they never used the term "acne prone" skin instead they use, "troubled" skin. Their main ingredients to fight acne and pimples is the tea tree essence. Therefore, this essence scented like one. Personally, i love the scent very much.

The cream comes in a small square bottle colored dark beige. What i really like about the bottle is that it comes with a pump which is hygienic when withdrawing the cream for use. I can't say much about the exact ingredients because it's Korean's language all over the back of the bottle. 

The cream is very light and it felt cool when i first applied it on my skin. It is  absorbed quickly to the skin too and leave the skin matte compared to other moisturiser. It has good oil control and my skin does not turn oily at all when i woke up in the morning. Since it  has good oil control, i also used it before i apply BB cream in the morning. My skin steered from shining for longer than applying the BB cream on a bare skin.It also dry up my pimples without causing my skin to peeled. That's what i really like about this product. Therefore, i strongly recommended this to those who has oily and pimples prone skin. However though, the results may vary in different individuals.

When to use an essence? From the reviews by other beauty bloggers, i noticed that most of them used it after applying moisturisers. But for me, i just use it right after i cleanse my face. It works just as wonderful. I only need one full pump to cover my entire face and pat it on the skin instead of rubbing it all over. 

It comes in a small bottle , 40 ml or 1.35 oz. It is quite expensive compared  to other drugstore's since it comes in a small quantity but, i think it really is value for money. The cost is MYR 39.90. Quite okay , right?I think there is a big chance that i will buy it again when i finished up this first bottle.


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