Monday, 8 April 2013

0 Face Contouring

If people were to ask me what's my biggest insecurity about my free, it's got to be my nose. l know that Asian commonly has flat nose but, l think mine has gone overboard. It is way rrrareee.....Til it somehow becomes my trademark.Like l were to wear a masque, people is still going to recognize that it's me just by looking at my nose.

l am now aged 27 but,l admit that l still struggle with this insecurity especially when I had to pay a MUA they would either makes me looked like a transvestite or me looking as if I just smear dirts on my face.l am not saying that these MUA does not know how to do their job but it maybe just that they do not know how to handle this kind of nose. Ha ha ha!

l wish that l can steal off my husband's nose when he is aslept!

Since l was aware of the existence of make up, l have been practicing and try to master the art of nose contouring and sculpting for years .Yet l know they never seemed enough, but l think, it would have to be me to accept this God-given unique nose first despite what make ups can do.

Okay, enough about ramblings on my inseurity,and you might not interested at all about it and you must thought why on earth you're still reading this. BUT, do stay tune because i am going to tell how to get the look of higher nose , slimmer face in a very easy steps.

This is how i looked like without contouring. Flat face :(

  Lets go on for the cheeks first.
My all-time favorite brushes are from Elianto. These are my mini blusher brush that i used for contouring the cheeks and the blending brush that i used for sculpting the nose the blending eye shadows. They are soft, long durability, and very cheap!
You'll need blusher brush. I like my mini blusher brush from Elianto. It is fluffy yet not too big as i will have control over how much the bronzer or  the blusher will spread on my cheeks. The bronzer is used to contour the face to achieve a slimmer and smaller face. While the blusher is used to give a cheery radiant healthy looks. It is okay to used both but, I usually use my bronzer on regular basis while pink blusher is when i had too much pink for the day. I do combo bronzer and blusher when i have extra time to get ready or if i am attending special  event
The bronzer is not supposed to be on the cheek bones. Since bronzer is used  for shading, then you apply it at exactly under the cheekbones. Suck in your cheek to make the cheek bones stand out then, sweep off the brush at the area sucked in. Then, without reapplying the brush with more bronzer sweep the remaining powder in the same brush along your jaw line. This help to achieve a slimmer and sharper chin.

Look at the effect. Contouring gives the illusion of higher cheekbones and slimmer face!
As for the sculpting the nose..
You have to have the right tool. You need matte brown eyeshadow,or non-glittered bronzer. I used the same bronzer i used for the cheeks, or two shades darker foundations or powder,highlighter,or transparent powder or you may also opt for one shade lighter powder.

Then,starting by highlighting the bridge of the nose,use your middle finger or contouring brush to apply the bronzer from starting from eyebrow to the tip of the nose. Since i have rounded nose tip, i draw it to be tapered at above the nostrils to just below the tip of the nose. Then, dust off any sharp lines with the brush without re-apply the bronzer.
Tadaaa....How do i look? Can you see difference from the first photo? For your information, i did not edit any of the photo in this entry except for reducing its size.

Final results.
Product i used: 
1. za BB cream Total Hydration
2. Oxy Face Powder in Natural Beige
3. In2It Eye Brow Powder
4. Body Shop Highlighter
5. Wet n Wild Color Icon  in Pearlescent  Pink blusher
6. Wet n Wild Color Icon  in Spoiled Brat eye shadow
7. za Plumper Lips in Rose Vintage    
If you haven't try contouring and sculpting, try it now. You'll see difference too. When i was in my lazy days to apply make ups, the least i will do is contouring. To give some shine to the face instead of just plain flat pale face. (too much adjectives given! ahaaa)
Have a nice day, fellas!


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