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0 How Asian Should Apply Makeups From a Caucasian Makeup Tutorials

The first time i applied makeup on my skin was when i was 17. I know, it is that early for those who is in my generations. Generation 80's. I know, it is that kinda late for those who were born in 90's. But it was only a mascara! I was so obsessed with thick and long lashes back at that time that i was trying to save more just to get a tube, from Fasio to be exact.

Then, i explore more about this art of beauty when i was in matriculations and advance myself to experimenting various colors of eyeshadows when i was in university. Well, that is due to easy access of internet that i was able to read and watch makeup tutorials more often than doing my assignments. Hahaha, i completed my degree by the way with honorary upper second class. But i do not get any degree for watching, reading and practising makeups, unfortunately.

And to my realizations, most of the sites that i found was usually from a Caucasian, rarely by Asians. Well, the bloggers themselves looked so beautiful in their tutorials photos and videos, who does not believe them that one can also apply, makeups like them and get the results as they have been tutoring us.

Okay, if you are an Asians, especially from the Southeast and East, no matter how precisely you followed every instructions in the tutorials, you ended up frustrated because the end results looks almost nothing to the looks you are trying to achieve. Just when you think that you did enough, you open your eyes just to see a very light wash of color on the lid. The eye makeups disappear somewhere hidden in the folded lids.

Asian eyes are beautiful regardless of their shapes and settings. Asian women should not be feel as if it is useless for them to wear make ups when actually there are lots of make ups style that they can rock on too.

Nowadays, it is so popular among Asian to get surgery for double eyelids to achieve that of look like the one they saw in most of makeups tutorials. It is not that i am against such a procedures but, the aims on performing such should be assessed first before going under the knife. There were also tapes that can be stick on the eyelid to create temporary double eyelids which i think makes the makeups work becomes harder. I mean, how can you put eyeshadows on the tapes? Isn't it will looked like you had a weird shiny strip on your lid?

It is really okay by the way not to look exactly like the celebrities, models, make ups gurus on the internet. Because you can apply make ups using their style with little improvisations or to tone down to suits Asian features and make it wearable. It should be like to make the whole look on the face looked more awake and presentable or to make certain parts on your face stands out more. The aims of wearing make ups does not necessarily makes the fake looks but to enhance your natural beauty.

So before we start looking any eye makeups routines, one should analyse their eyes first.

Which one is your type? Mine, is more to 'f' on my right eye and 'c' on the left eye. Not a uniform shapes for me , but there are many Asian that has slightly different shaped eyes going  at once. When i got teary night before, the next morning, i could've have the 'e' and sometimes even 'g'  shapes. Ha ha ha

I am not saying that people with these eye shapes have the swollen eyes all the time, by the way. It is only that my eyes could get that way in times.

With contact lenses on. My natural eye color is dark brown. I am not wearing it to get that Western look but, to add variety in my makeup looks as well as to match and makes the colors of eyeshadow i am using more stands out. Colored contact lenses by the way, has become the latest trends Asian does with their make ups.
As we can see here, there were lots of eyes shapes that an Asian women possesed. However, a Caucasians too is possible to have eyes like the Asian like, Blake Lively, Camilla Belle, and...can you think more of them? An Asian typically has hooded but deep eyes, double lids with round eyes, double lids with small eyes, and heavily hooded protruding eyes.

Caucasians have their wide eyelids up until the crease. This is one of the important features  that differs their eyes  with Asians. 
If you have double lids that is wide enough that it reaches your eye socket, then you have no problem to put your makeups like Caucasian does. If yours are one like the others then, you must acknowledge that your lids does not reach the  crease. Our lids are thinner and will fold, becomes invisible when eyes are opened in some Asian. The crease is the eye socket which can only be define by feeling it with fingers or your make up brushes (in the photos below).

So, that's mean we apply makeups to define crease is along the eye socket, not above the eyelids line like Caucasian commonly does. Hence, eyeshadow for the eyelids means it should cover the whole eyelids and stop at the eye socket. Means, slightly higher than the eyelids.

Eyeshadow for the eyelids should cover the entire eyelid until the eye socket area. Mistake made when one put the eyeshadow on the eyelid area that will fold in when the eyes opened. Every shades for every parts of the eye should be put higher than what the Caucasian tutorials told you. This due to the eyelid structures being different of the Asian's and Caucasian's.
Defining crease of an Asian eye. Take note that the crease is higher than the eyelids. The crease is the eye socket or more commonly known as the orbital rim.
The most important thing when applying eyeshadow is to put the v-shape at the outer corner of the eyes. This step probably the hardest to do and the final step in applying eyeshadows if you are going to apply this at all. Why does this v-shape important? It creates depths to the eyes, makes the eyes appears wider than it is.

To create a picture perfect v-shape, one needs serious blending work to do. Blending means to blur the border between the dark shades of the v shape from other shades of eyeshadow that were put. Because if you don't, it looks like a plain 'V' at the corner of the eyes with sharp and definite ends. But, unless this what you are trying to achieve, then let it be.

First draw in upward motion at the most outer corner of the eyes, near the eyelashes 1/3 of the eyes. Then by gently pushing the brush into the eye socket borders, (this helps you to locate the Asian crease and get that exact depths to the eyes) pat the eyeshadows from the outer to the 1/3 of the crease, inwards. This is best done with pointed brush tips to get that definitions.

Then, blur out the borders between the eyeshadows shades, gently. Try not to overdo it because you may cause the v-shape or the crease to be drown with the lids color. I have to admit that this skill is very hard to be mastered but with practice, you will reach there soon.

For the lower lash line, if you have small eyes, with eyebags it is better to leave it as it is. If you have to color it by the way to create a smokey look, then you may just put the darkest shades of eyeshadow colors on you and pat it with slanted brush from the outer to the inner corner. Stop until you reach below your eyeball. One with smaller eyes should avoid lining the lower lash line because it makes the eyes looked even smaller. But if you have round eyes, then it is fine to rim the entire eyes to create more drama. But still if one has obvious or pretty bad eyebags  going on, avoid lining the lower lash line.

Highlighters should not be only applied on the browbone area but also to the inner corner of the eyes and the tearduct to make the eyes looked more opened and bigger.

Either liquid eyeliners, pencil or kohl, it is up to your preference to wear whichever. However, liquid eyeliner works better on creating very define and thin line. But, if you find the liquid one is too dry to your skin eyes area, you may need to use the kohl one. Make sure you have the waterproof one and the creamier , the better as you'll want it to glide smoothly on your lash lines. There are lots of quality pencil eyeliner in the market now from high end to the low end beauty lines to choose from. I love the eyeliner ranges from Maybelline, the liquid and the kohl types.   Finally the mascara! Never leave house without the mascara on. Curl your lashes first before applying it generously at least double coats!

What is your eye shapes? How do you always wear your eyeshadows? How do you make your eyes stand out?


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