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0 Boarding Manila

Come day three on my trip to Philippine , check out from Marlim Mansion Hotel then went for 2 hours ride in a van to Manila. We were scheduled to be out to Manila on Sunday to avoid the bad ass traffic jam in the metropolitan city of Manila. It is called the heaven of cheap shopping in Southeast Asia , purse is aching to be wide opened and to burst , mind is unstoppable visioning what  city of Manila could looked like since i had been google-ing Manila and all its richness of attractions months before. Huh! By the way, let the pictures says it all. Warning, it is a long post with rolls of photos.

San Guillermo Parish Church, The Sunken Church
We dropped by at a Catholic church on the way to Manila. We were not
able to have a look around inside  because they were having
Sunday mass at the time we arrived. So we went to
a mini museum just next to the church. This church also called as the sunken church
 as it  is half-buried by lahar flow in 1995 due to Mt
Pinatubo eruption. Now the second floor window has been
replaced as the doorways of the church.
 BBQ Pork Street , Manila

This kitchen has the largest fireplace i have ever seen. It is so
hot in here.

The first restaurant that we found along the BBQ Pork
Street of Chinatown. The Mila Mila's lechon
Restaurant. For a 5-6 person , it could costed up to P6500

Chinese Cemetery , Manila
Behind me is one of the largest grave in the cemetery

Don't get it wrong, this is the second oldest cemetery in Philippine
 not a human race residential , it is actually a residential of
the deaths. Built around the World War II and had witnessed
many executions at those times. It was built to bury the Chinese
who were denied by the Spaniards in Catholic cemeteries. The resting  places here
could be said is looking far better than the houses of the Philippine's
second and third class citizens nowadays. As there were many homeless citizens
in the street of Manila.
Tricycle: Still the main transportation for the working class
Despite the usual Toyota and Honda vehicles around the city,
and the pollution, many still choose to travel around the
city with tricycle besides jeepney. Moreover, there
were more of these than the jeepneys moving around the
city of Manila
Fort Santiago: Intramuros
The girls just bought a brimmed hat before going into the park. The hat costed
P200, and the it costs P75 for the entrance fee to the public park and the

The Kalisa, one of the famous old transport in Philippine. Take one round of the park
with this with only P 50.

Stairway to the rooftop of a cafe in the park.

Some street of the park. I think they might be souvenir shops , i can't be too sure
since we only had one hour to have sight-seeing of the park and the
fort therefore, we did not cover every corner of it.

In action with the gunpowder magazine

Me, in actions again with the martyrs monuments.

Overlooking the main gate from across the Pasig River 

At the main gate of the fortress. It served as the premier defence fortress to the Spain
Government during their reign. 

At the Rizal statue in Intramuros

Who are we kidding here? :)

Roman Catholic Cathedral of Manila

At the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Manila. We were so damn
unlucky we cannot go into, since it was under renovations. Enormous beautiful
building there.

It seems like i could reach it but the reality was we can't make any more
time to visit the Ocean Park since we ran out of it!
There were long lines to get in here on Sunday.

We can't get any nearer to the monuments of Jose Rizal. 
I was so surprised to see there is security guards guarding the monuments. By the way, they were not just any securities, they are called the Knights of Rizal. They looked really tough standing on their foot, God knows for how many hours a day.It also comes to my mind if jobs like this would sell in Malaysia?

Some food-porns
I love, love Chow King food! 

The Big Breakfast show in Makati Palace Hotel. I thought that we were the big eaters in that cafe
on that morning.

I am forgetting how much calories had i take during this holiday.
Imma gonna just eat a hell lot of thing for my first breakfast in Manila.

It seemed like I can't take off my eyes from this statue next to our table
in one morning in Makati Palace Hotel. So beautifully carved and blinks .
Can i just finished my food yet?

Mother Mary Chapel , Tagaytay City 

Overlooking the monument of Mother Mary

Inside the chapel. Beautiful!

At the center of the chapel

This is my cousin. I know, they looked almost alike! Only that my cousin
is the modern Mother Mary with glasses.
Taal Volcano
My humble mabu (horse) that brought me for a safe and serene ride up to
the crater of Taal Volcano. 

Just reached the crater, exhausted.

The crater of Taal Volcano. The view is mesmerizing and if you could see,
there is a cute island inside the crater lake. 

Cam-whoring at the peak, forget those who waits below. They thought we took
an hour to reach the peak, actually we had our activity up there. There were four of us initially, Lina (my cousin, Sherry , Linus (Sherry's husband) and me
but only Sherry and me ended up riding the horse to the peak.
Goodbye for now
The lighting commercial globe in front of the Mall of Asia.

Fulled after enjoying my last breakfast in Makati Palace. I was so not
ready to leave Philippines to go back to the real world of mine,

I can see that any restaurant that serves Philippino's cuisine will have grilled baboy,chickens, beef and fish. Foods are cheap and almost every restaurants that i went skipped the service and government tax. Toilets were all cleans and there were no single toilets with wet floors. I really mean to compare, why do in Malaysia we have to pay 30 cents each time we went to the public washrooms that is wet, foul odored, and with poops and urine on the floor? I never pay any pesos nor sentimo to go to the washrooms no matter how many times in Philippine and it was waaaaayyy cleaner than those we had in Malaysia. One can see many beautiful people here! Just like what we see on their tv soap drama! I am so looking forward to go back to Philippines to visit the other islands and yes, shopping til I drop again.

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