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6 My Wedding Reception

This is rather a very late entry for my wedding reception that was happening more than a year ago. After my wedding, i was very busy with my appeal to get transfer from East Sabah to West Sabah. Then, after that was busy with preparation for my childbirth til I feel like it's quite too late to upload on my Facebook however, i will share this post to my FB by the way. I hope you enjoy seeing  these photos of my family and friends during my most important day in life and read my ramblings.

My flower bouquet..pink and with shades of purple. Perfect for me!

This heel are made for walking. I am so loving it because, one have to
tie the ribbon around the leg to a bow to wear this shoes.

My make over session.

My most important make over in life
I love my eyeshadow colors on that day. Pink and dark blue. 

Last touch ups on the lips.
After my make over.
Hubby getting himself ready too. One line that he
kept on repeating that day that annoyed me
so much is, " men can get ready for his wedding
in less than 10 minutes. I am so lucky i am a man."

The veil gave the sense of how pure marriage is.

Bride was waiting to be transported to the reception hall

Parents of both bride and groom

First dance

Mommy in her always " ready-to-panic" mode. In short alert.

I am always amazed by his calmness. I guess even when the rest of the world
in tears, he will still looked this cool.

This is very rare expressions of dad. He always looked as if he angry at something.
Credits to photographer, Benny Liew for capturing this for me.

My make-up artist, Wedie Aning. He worked his ass off right til the cake
is cut. He does his work with his amazing eyes and hands, perfectly and
i really love his job!

I think we were smiling at something. I don't have any memory on that.

My teary friend, Abby. She was overwhelmed by this wedding thingy. Now, she is expecting.

Estranged uncle and cousins. Really appreciate your coming to my


One Heart. Two souls. One story to be shared til death do us apart.

My niece, Owen.

Amazing oldest friends from secondary school. From left, Franly (Jaylyn's fiance, hubby, me ,
Atum, Jaylyn and their friend)

We called ourselves, PR. Oh minus Steven. Let me introduce my beautiful friends , from left, Lynorita, Sherry, Maslen, Abby, Elizabeth, Shane, Winnie, Caroline.

The luckiest men on earth, the PR husbands, from left, Maslen's (Junaidi), Winnie's (Dent), Elizabeth's(Joe)
Caroline's (Fread), Lynorita's (Harriet), Sherry's (Linus)

This rather a funny photos of the dads'. My in law looked as if he , "hey, watch where the spoon
going. Don't just camwhoring. While dad, "Nope, im not opening my jaw to those
sugary thing."

During the poco-poco. My aunt, Latimi (in purple punjabi) is a queen of
poco-poco in town!

I think Steven was quite struggling to catch up the steps in poco-poco.
Good try, hun.

My oldest friend, Astie in the middle.

These are the finalist who succeeded in catching bouquet sessions.
Winnie grabbed it first by the way, and her wedding was coming up after

Aww, something cracked him up hard.

Steven singing , Wonderful Tonight. Good job. He sang to me,
but I didn't sang anything because, I am blinded by music notes. i
I never get it right,t herefore, i am not singing anything.

My left, Savilla( her mom was the my cake caterer), Linah (you remember her  from my travel Philippines
entries), Elisabet (my favorite cousin).

Kissing me. Kissing you.

With gorgeous Shane.

Sherry and Linus. 

The sacred rings. I am no longer wearing it now because i gain so much kilos after my pregnancy.
My finger grows too and it seem like it is never gonna shrink anymore. Huh, i really wanna wear it!

The deco for the car was rented by Spell Bridal Boutique , especially made for me.

Before cutting cake ceremony, smile first. 

Cutting the cake together. 

The sibling in-law. From left, Mariam, Simon and Murneh.

My siblings. From left, Janefer, William.

Mommy, thank you for everything. I am nowhere now if it's not because
of your hard work and unconditional love towards your family.
She also deserved to be credited for making this event ever meaningful
and complete. You are my nerve!

Okay , i already introduce the girls. Gentlemen standing next to Steven from
left is Jeffry then, Azri.

I was grateful that everything that had been planned for that went very well on that day. I never had good sleep months before the reception. I was always busy with phone calls since i arranged everything from afar as for the record, i was still working in East Sabah when all this mess happening,  and waste my time
worrying at nightime until there were times when i even dreamed that things goes outta hand during the day.

 I can't stop imagining how my reception is gonna be like because i had attended numbers of beautiful wedding reception of my family and friends. I might be nervous that my reception was going to be awful one.

 I was very worried by my preparations and it seemed like it  could never be finished. But, right after the guest goes back home after the reception over, it felt like the a burden has been moved away. And suddenly a whole new life is seem crystal clear ahead. Okay, it was not blurry before but, it just that the reception has to be over first then i could go on with life. 

So those who had same or almost alike experience with me, share it! 

Those who is going to get married and planning a reception , good luck and be patient if you found that everyone in the family wants a piece of that. I mean that they are going to be very generous with ideas for your big day and might me contrasting with yours. But, in the end of the day, you are the one who's getting married, it is you who determine how you want it to be! 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

0 Abraham Lincoln :Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln. What can i say about this man? The greatest president of giant country, America of all time.

First time i saw the trailer on tv, my eyes set on his very name then the vampire then the hunter. Irony. But, the trailer really shows that no one would regret buying the ticket to watch the movie.

This movies tells the untold stories about the secret life of Abraham Lincoln. The young him. What the people today hears, knows or read about him is just a part of his life. This movie starts when his mother killed by vampire and since then, he is going to hunt the killer of his mother but he fails until he meet this vampire who dying to kill his kind. This gives a little twist on the story line towards the climax of the story where one would think that Abe should have just kill him. But for Abe he is his 'wise man'. His master to be exact.

It also gives a touch of romances on the parts where Abe meets Mary Todd, his wife and where the scene shows that Abe needs Mary in his life and she could be very helpful in his fights for the nation. You have no idea how this great man could also be so in touched with his emotions. Especially when his son died of vampire bites too. But who would not shed tears when one lost their child, right? By the way, i am wondering if Abe really lost his son in reality? Despite of the vampire shitting bites.

Action packed with war scenes and axe-silver bullet gun shootings has never been this perfect. Sends me shivers and one can tell that you are not bullshitting about this when the whole cinema crying in shocked in most of the action scenes. Scenes that i love most is when the first time vampires army are sent to the war, disappear in a blink. Then when the captain blink open his eyes, his whole troops are finished by the fast creatures. But, it was quite funny anyway because the he was like striked by a really bad whirlwind but when the whirlwind finally resides, he still stood there untouched, clueless. At first, i thought that maybe because he was one of them too. Because, Adam, the chief of vampire said, "maybe it is God's trick. That vampire cannot kill a vampire." But i was just exagerrating the already exagerrated story of Abe. As a strong macho character.

Another scene that is worth eye catching is the dusty scene of running horses where Abe finally satisfy his vengeance over Jack Barts ( why do this kinda name often possesed by the villain? ) who bites his mothr to death.

By the way there are many more action scene that is so great it freezes you on the sofa. Questions mark arises when Abe's former boss and become his best friend, Mr Speed on his loyalty towards Abe also gives the story some twists when he goes telling Abe's and the gang's plan on transporting the silver weapons and bullets to the only lady in the vampire troops. Why oh why must in any stories of good versus evil must there a backstabber? And the backstabber must be a close friend? By the way,what makes this story different is that, this is only a set up planned carefully by the Abe's gang to avoid attentions from the women that was recruited by Mary to transport the weaponary.

Overall, i give 3.5 stars out of 5. It is a movie of action, fantasy, thriller and horror all at the same time. Seriously, it was a good story to watch though through the entire movie, i looked i was froze on my seat while leaning my head to my husband's shoulder. But, what goes in my mind was that, i think it is very funny to imagine that one of America's greatest president was a vampire slayer. He might be very good at catching spinning axe as if the axe is a boomerang to him but i couldn't stop myself from giggling when i think about how insanely creative the filmaker was to made up Abe has an untold stories about him, and the bomb is that he was a vampire slayer. I was like, NO, he can't be. He wouldn't kill in coldblood. The idea of Abe as a vampire slayer to me like it was impossible and way too ridiculous. Funny. Hihihihi...now he is a vampire hunter? I do not know about you, if you say, it is not ridiculous to me, well good luck with that.

I might stop giggling if someone would tell me that there is chances that he might be one. Still, i just love him in his wisest president character. Seriously.
Abe going face on face with lady vampire

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