Thursday, 19 April 2012

0 How to Load M16 For Dummies

It was my first camping with  tentatives filled with how to load and unload an M16. Those who confused with what I'm talking about, well I am talking about the rifle that shoot dead people in war. Oops. Yes, imma a teacher. Correct. A teacher who takes Police Cadet as my uniform squads in co-curriculum activities in school. During recent camping in Misompuru, Kudat, we ended the camping by going to the shoot range in Kem Paradise, Kota Belud for shoot training. The students were taught how to load and unload the M16 and how to shoot during the camping while we were still in Kudat. They were only get to load the bullets and really shoots at the shoot range. While the teachers also taught by experienced teachers on this as not only the students who would get the chance to shoot, the teachers too~! yeay, I don't know how to react to this idea actually until i reached at the shoot range on the last day of  the camping (on the last day, we were moved to the range by police trucks). The pictures below taken in Kudat during the camping.

This girl is putting the rifle to SAFE mode.

That's the house where the female escort teachers lived during the camping
Fire in the hole! These students are all ready to fire. No, it's unloaded. The magazine is empty, will explain later what 's magazine is. Of course I don't mean the CLEO magazine, or OK magazine. Stay tune.

If there was a thing that I regretted in this camping was not bringing with my camera charger. I didn't expect that we would be having sockets to plug handphone or camera charger during camping. Umph, well, therefore I did not take pictures during the training at the range since my tablet, camera and handphone were all flat on the last day. I would be proud to post my pictures shooting at the air. At least I am holding the rifle and shooting! Not just reading. Forgive me, readers. As this was my first shoot training, I am proud that I could shoot one shot to the bull. Even I was shaking in hungry, cold of the rain and nervous at the  new experience, deaf at the sound of firing bullets. There's always first time for everything. 

Okay, okay...I'm not gonna held you any longer to read my ramblings. Gonna share with you on how to load the M16. The very basics to handle a  firearm. Read on.

1. First thing first, if you handling a weapon, whether it's loaded or not, point it in a safe direction.
2. Cock the weapon. Pull the charging handle all the way back and hold it. with the charging handle back, turn the weapon on its side and look into the firing chamber to make sure that there us no bullets caught in the chamber. If they are, they can cause an explosion when the fresh bullets put in.
3. Ride the bolt forward. Slowly, keeping pressure on the charging spring, return the bolt to the forward position. Letting the bolt slam forward. This produce the cool sound which we often hear from movies
4. Move the selector lever to "SAFE".
5. Insert a loaded magazine into the magazine well. It is below the trigger.Push the magazine up from the bottom until the catch engages. Give the bottom of the magazine a slap to ensure that it stays. You may pull down on the magazine once it is on place to check if it will slip out.
6. Now, move the selector to "SEMI" to fire one at a time or "AUTO" if you wish to fire all bullets all at once.
7. Aim at whatever you are firing on. If you are right-handed, you might close the left eye and right eye opened. So does if it is other way around.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

0 Why In The World Is He So Pissed

Well i was on this camping for police cadet , Pitas and Kota Marudu districts level which was happening last week on 13 til 16th April at Misompuru, Kudat. Owow, stop! You might think that the title wasn't related at all. Stay tune, read on! There was this activity called jungle trekking on the third day which required the students together with their escort teacher to cross over the swamp river on foot. Yeah, of course me and the gang along the camping, Lily, Nana and Ani doesn't wanna do it! We agree that we will go along the trail which i was pretty sure wasn't a real jungle and it was actually swamp jungle with full of 'lalang' but was united to not cross over any watery land.

There! The female teacher gang. From left, Lily, me, Ani and  Nana. The girl with yellow towel is a facilitator  in the programme.

This is the swamp river that we had to cross over. Yikes!! who knows that a crocodile may resides in here?!

The students were half-squating when crossing the swamp. Well, they  did not do this on purpose. They were told to do so by the police officer who waited at the other end which we cannot see from this picture. Too bad.

All the facilitators who watched over the students and teachers to pass the trails  had to cross over the swamp too after everyone had crossed. Hell yeah, when they saw us going back to the trails instead of going forward through the swamp,  we  went back to the prior trails to go back to the campsite the boys especially yelled a 'boo' like sound at us. Guess what happen after we reach the campsite?

A little commercials before I continued.... this was taken on our way back to the campsite from a small hill near the beach.

The chief officer , i am not gonna mention the name, yelled at us to go back to the trails and cross over the swamp river! Ow, in front of the students. Hell yeah. From afar. As a teacher, are you feeling me? We were like, WHAT?!! What are we? Students? A dreamer who dreams to be a police someday? Hell, NO! We are the escort teachers. The female escort teachers. There were male escort teacher who cross God-knows-what-mud river with the students!  I swore I don't mind going into the mud hundreds time if i was not menstruating .Damn!

Why does this one  officer was so pissed  that the women didn't cross the swamp? Four of us were froze by his actions, and we refused to come any nearer from the sites where all of the students grouped together after they reached the campsite. In my mind at the time, I was thinking I am not going over there to be screamed at the eyes of the students. So,   we sat at the foothill watching from afar what's gonna happen next. Worse is he let go of his resentment  to the students by ordering the groups who were escorted by us to do push ups and half squat on the warm sand under hot firing sun. What about this swamp  makes it so significant to him? Well, watching the students taking all the punishment for us is so heart-breaking. So, Lily , Nana and me went back to the trails to finish what we should had finished from the first place. Crossing the swamp aka mud river and go forward until reaching the campsite. Well, i only mentioned 3 of us rite? Oh, well we asked  Ani to go to the officer alone to tell him to let go of the students while we went back. She was all in tears, barefooted trying to follow us at first. But seeing her like that, she would only slow us down. So we asked her to go back to watch over the students. Uh, just to find out at the end that not only she did not finished the trails with us, but she also did not talk to the officer. Instead, she went to the longhouse (where the female escort teachers lived during the camping) and slept off the whole thing!

When we reached the campsite, we saw the students were having a great time swimming and playing in the sea. So, we guess that the students are free from the punishment rite? We went to see the officer at restaurant near our campsite only to find out that he was in tears too. Alone. Why does this man of police broke down to tears ?! We went  back to finish the trails and WE DID CROSS OVER THE SWAMP RIVER BAREFOOTED. So, why is he still pissed and in tears? We were the one who should be in tears because we were forced and threatened with our students taking the punishments.

To my surprise after finishing it, I felt incredibly relieved that i finished it for my students. I felt for them , being sun bathed, mud-bathed, scream-bathed. I don't care if they were put in such a hard time but not because of me. I would not let that happen. But, only God knows how easy it should had been if i just follow orders without complain or perform the most stupid acts like going back to the camp site for refusing the sacred order to cross the swamp.

I had quickly forget the incidence soon after the officer apologise to us ( after coming face to face with him) admit that he was not alerted with the female disorder. Not really forget, but I had put this incident in a sweet memory box in my little brain.   I realized that the trails and crossing the swamp had been the easiest way to go into compared to all my camping experiences since i was 11 years old. I had to admit that I was being a fool at some point, and the officers had been a complete idiotic along the way especially when he pissed  off about the mud-river crossings and broke into tears. Maybe he was embarassed when Ani yelled back at him. At least that's what one of the male teacher said to us. Well in that case, he was just play hard in front of the students when he is actually a very sensitive man. He should think first before he yelled at whom. We are well-educated human being whom will not screamed at each other about their mistakes in front of the youngsters.  By the way, thanks to the officer it has been a wonderful walk of mud.


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