Monday, 23 July 2012

0 Sunday , I Heart

This Sunday is the most beautiful day of the week. What else can be more beautiful than spending time with my boys? 

Introductions by mommy, peace out! V

Mommy (this is what i call myself when im around my son, ok). Mommy thinks she's the older version of Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. Adore her style so much!
 I love this body hugging mini skirt so much and the chiffon ruffled top really feel comfy on a sunny day.  I had matching shoes from Reflexology Bata shoes , and Hermes handbag with ever contrasting color. Ditch that 'eww, they don't match, 'yell. I don't care, i rarely matched my handbag with my outfits and all. One thing i hate is my bulging tummy looked ridiculously obvious. It 's like one can see through  my spare tyres behind the the purple fabric! Damn.

Looking polished over there, Steven.. And i just love seeing my little son in action with his Batman Forever t-shirt that i bought from Greenhills in Manila, Phillipines.

These smiles melts my heart, makes my day.

My 10 months old son is learning the basic of playing football. Walking it is.

To end the Sunday and get prepared for Monday blues, blog about weekend after my little son is down to sleep. Purr-fect! 

How about you? How do you spend your weekend? 


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