Friday, 11 January 2013

0 Modern Romeo and Juliet

The sounds of dog barking from the landlord house always break the silence in the middle of the night. Now, i know what makes they bark to their asses. They saw a boy climbing up the fence between the house that i rented and the landlord! And climb his way up to a window.Horray, i found the answer though the idea actually has been around since i moved in here early last year. 

A thief? 

A peeker? 

Neither of them. He is a lover of the landlord's daughter. 

Romantic. How many boys these day will do that for a girlfriend? How many will risk their safety and their lives like this. Okay, sneaking up might not killed him right away unless if he accidentally fell from his girlfriend's window. I was told that his girlfriend's room is at the first floor. And the house, is quite tall actually to climb up to. But, if he got caught by the girl's family, he might be beaten up and might be send to police right away. The girl's family is quite famous here in Pitas since they are the richest family in this town. So i've been told.

I know. This story sounded like 40's  love story where daddys in the world hate men who dates their daughters. Big time. 
I was gonna hang my laundry outside around 10.30 p.m. when i noticed a white motorbike parked behind. I never saw it there during the day. Then, i remembered Steven told me about this boy, so i took a picture of this motorbike to become my story for this blog. Tonight i remembered that my housemate and my husband did mentioned about a boy who climbing up the fence at the back of the house. My housemate's husband and Steven caught him in the act some time last year, he told them that he wants to see his girlfriend in the house. (pointing up to the landlord's)

I would've charge him with crossing over people's land. I would've charge him for peeking me as he always stayed down before climbing to the landlord's compound outside my toilet. I would've report him to the landlord or to the police. But, as far as i remembered, i never saw anyone peeking on me. Never did my housemates complaint on anything. Neither of our cars parked at the front yard  suffered any intentional scratch.--> Neither my bras or panties ever stolen.<-- I am kidding on this part. anyway. I do not hang bras and panties outside the house anymore. 

So, i decided to just let it be. I am sure both my housemates do acknowledged that he is crossing our house compound every night but, never complaint of any problem. I think it is better to let other couple be happy and enjoy their youth while they can. I myself was like them too, once upon a time in secondary school. Fell in love with a boy and felt like the world is all ours. Ho ho ho. Gone were those days. Now, it is me , family, friends and community. I am teacher, damn it. I can't own the world with my loved one only. 

I know that these couple has been doing like this for at least a year or more. I prayed that they will finally get married , have children and live happily. I hope that the girl's father did not find out that this boy has been sneaking up before the girl is ready to introduce him to her family and do not get himself beaten up if he was to be caught in the act. 

We've all been young once upon a time in our life. And let's not hope this modern Romeo and Juliet does not end like the old story too.


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