Wednesday, 9 October 2013

0 Penang's Sunday Flea Market and Old Skool Handphones.

I had to be frank that I was not all excited about going to Sunday's flea market. Steven forced me to go with him. This Sunday's flea market located at the parking lot of the City Stadium in Jalan Datu Keramat, Penang.  But, this definitely not my average any flea market. At least to me because I had no imagination beyond cheap clothes , food stalls, traditional handicraft products when it comes to flea market.

People in Peninsula Malaysia called such market as Pasar Karat and sell their items from the trunk of their vehicle usually vans and old motocars.

I guess this is ordinary view in any flea market in Asia.  Cheap and copycat branded watches are everywhere.

 And even branded football jersey... that Steven were so interested in when going to such market.

I mean , look at this. I think all of those figurines contains all the 12 Chinese zodiacs. Sorry they might not be so clear in this picture. These are made from copper. If you noticed on the ground , lower right corner of the photo, they even sell the 'stone age' 's iron!
 Interesting huh?

For snake's fan..

These are called periuk belanga  if I am not mistaken... and few copper made dishes. They can be precious for people who like to collect old stuff and put it into home's decorations. 

There were just too many things sought in this photo. I believe all of these were transported from the maroon van by the man in white.

 The only colored stuff sought in this flea market besides clothing.

Oh la la... look at what this man selling. I think he sells the most beautiful copper made stuff.

Interesting how they hang those shoes under the  canopy. 

These classic homey stuff, the kettle sold at RM20, quite cheap right for a kettle looked this errr ...fine. And the phone! I really wish that the land telephone design will go back to look like this. I feel ever victorious when pressing on those buttons to dial.

Now I know where to find spare parts for my table fan if it ever broken. The problem is , these hardly broke. The fan motors do broke more often if a fan broken.

Tell me what can you see in the above photo?

Old skool handphones for sale. Uh, even tv remotes! I can't tell you by the way if they were still functioning. These  handphones sure were nostalgic for  the human race. Reminds me of my dad's first handphone which I always felt despair of how it was so hard , almost impossible, to get connectivity to any mobile operators many years back from our home. That's unless if you lived in the town or near one. Dad's hand phone was always hanging by the window to ensure connectivity with mobile networks. It was seldom rang but, we, the children never forget to hang it there every time. I am not kidding when I say we did not know if we were expecting anyone to call. We do not have the necessity to talk to our friends like 24/7 like we do now on any given social networks we have nowadays. But we never failed to stay connected.  If you remembered these can't play mp3 songs! We had to compose some codes to play melodies in monophonic or polyphonic. If your hand phones could play polyphonic sounds, it was good enough man. That was back then.

So, going to the pasar karat  was not that bad at all. At least it bring back memories of the big and thick hand phones we used to have a decade ago. Who am I trying to kid? I saw people in the street talking to a phone that is one and a half size of their heads every now and then. Way bigger than the humble Nokia 3310.

But, how we still never missed a thing even without social networking back then leaves me in wonder. I can't recall how. Newspaper? I never read about my friends on the news nor the tv.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

0 Maintaining Digital Perm

Well I got tired of my long straight hair I really got myself into reading so much about digital perm down from the procedureS, the aftercare as well as styling it everyday. There or quite numbers of good reviews on digi perm and each of them delivered them differently. So, each individual has different hair,I supposed.

l got my hair digital permed for about a month now. You probably think why late with this entry, it is because l am adjusting to it since Caring and maintaining  digital permed hair definitely different from other types of curls. This is not my first time getting my hair permed, been straightened and permed again and again but never had hair shorter above my shoulder. And l had digital permed hair once when I was in college back when I stayed in Labuan but, l really did not have any idea how to maintain and style them nice. Instead I only have it for like a month and for the rest of months ahead I remembered I had bad hair days everyday and people might had thought that I was so broke I cannot even afford a hair comb. But seriously I don't know. That was until I got my hair back to silky straight . Since then, my hair had been straight like for ages until I graduated. Huh, that explains monetary situations though. It seemed like straightened hair saves the pocket more. 

~~~~~~Back to the digital perm story~~~~~

The procedures took about 3 hours including preparing the hair like washing and conditioning,before chemicals were added then the hair rolled with medium sized roller and plugged with A machine that is especially invented for digital perm. I think. The hair would be washed again before Styling them with mousse and bIow dried with diffuser. Tadaa! You are out from the Saloon before you know it. Hah!

Despite what all the reviews say,that one should not wash the hair for 24-48 hours,the hairstylist told me that it's okay to wash it,but she said,"why wanna wash it right away? Your hair has been washed twice today probably thrice." That made sense to me.

 As for styling , I have to say that it is not as easy as managing the silky straight hair. You do not have to comb permed hair but, you have to style it. Make the curls bouncy and defined with products. I like to spray hair lotion from Lucido, which is formulated to make curly hair soft and bouncy, after washing my hair. But during humid day, the hair tends to become frizzy so, sometimes before I go out I would damp my hair before combing the hair with my fingers closed to each other running through the hair strand with mousse from Wella Proffesionnel that I bought from the saloon which did my perm, Patrick's Saloon in Centrepoint Kota Kinbalu.

After conditioning the hair in the shower, while the hair felt slippery I would comb it either with wide tooth comb or with my fingers. Then after the hair half dried with towel, I will partitioned the hair into sections and roll them with fingers before spraying it with the hair lotion. Next morning , the hair will have defined curls and all I need to do is the spray the lotion just to damp it, scrunch them and I am good to go out with the hair. These just take up 5-8 minutes on my morning routines so it is not that complicated to style permed hair.

Permed hair could lasted 3 months or more. The great thing about this kind of curl that it looks better by time, so when considering getting digital perms I think it is better to ask for medium size roller as the curls would loosen up by time.

That's my reviews and my shares on maintaining digital perm hair. Thinking about getting short hair but, I am still in great doubts scared if I would regret it. There is ways to get longer hair quickly now but, I am still thinking about it. How about you? Do you have certain hairstyles that you long for but, still haven't done it?


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