Monday, 8 October 2012

6 KK Burger Bakar

Heard of it already?

KL has this since forever. And this just in KK. Where to find it? Well, before i say it all, i like to proudly say it first that i found out about this burger from a post in Facebook, and then i search more on it from a blog, named Everyday I Love Food , if i am not mistaken. Just to find out where the hell it is located in Sabah.

Well, i find it located in the most unlikely place. It actually has a quite good promotion on the net and Facebook. You can like their Facebook page too by clicking here.They have their banner on the roadside nearby. Well, did i mention the place already?
Next to the Tanjung Aru Plaza.

They has kinda open food court there so, lots of stall opening in the evening right till midnight over but the KK Burger Bakar located just next to the police station. But, i was confuse there is no sign , of the KK Burger Bakar there. There were empty seats everywhere and the grilling tools looked like it was just been filled with charcoal.

So i was doubtful if we get to the right place because i was in disbelieve. The stall does not looked like as i expected it to be. Yeah. I do have high expectations on it because of its promotion. It seems like the promotion does not go with the real stuff.

So, when we get there in doubtful, and the car smelled poops. Yeah, i actually brought my son out with Steven. I made Steven walked around the food court while i fixed my son's diapers to check the right stall that makin' the  burger since there were lots of stall there that was just getting started their bussiness.
Less than 5 minutes, he came back and told me that's the right stall, pointing the one just next to the police station, with atap nipah. You wouldn't miss it because it is the only stall with atap nipah.I cannot believe they forgot to hang the banner that day. So i was told by the owner. The staff went to work late that day when they were supposed to start their bussiness hour at 5 p.m. therefore, the stall were quite in a mess that evening. Indeed it looked like that.

Despite the messed up ice breaking, i ought to be slow on them since they were just opened 3 weeks ago. Good for them having a master chef right next to the barbeque all the time.

So, when the owner greeted me when we were just finished the food, i said those burgers are fabulously seasoned and tasted original. I think that they had their signature recipes for those fat meat burgers. Unlike those street burgers we always find in night market every where in town of Sabah that used the ready molded , frozen meat burgers from supermarket, this KK BURGER BAKAR molded their own meat burger.
They grilled the burgers in this hottie stuff.

They even put funky names on each of their burgers. They had quite limited choices but, I do looking forward that someday they will extend the choices gradually.
With all the Angry Bird craziness going on, it is contagious right to the menu card. Seriously?

Steven had the Taj Mahal one while me, had the Titanic. It was relatively higher than the regular burgers we always had in other places, which at first, i was hesitated to open wide my mouth to even took a bite. Unfortunately, the stall was supposed to provide us with suitable tools so that we can enjoy the burgers with decent table manners which they only offered a plastic spoon to us when we were half way finishing the towering burgers. Too late we enjoyed the traditional way of eating the burger already that we declined that sweet offers.And how could you eat your burger with a spoon?
Taj Mahal burger. It comes with fried egg in it.
Titanic burger. What differs it from others, it comes with bacon with it. I think each of the burger has their own unique ingredients with it. They have their signature black pepper sauce and chilli ketchup.

I said to Steven , " i swear i don't want to start over again to figure out how to eat these with spoon. I am fine with being impolite on the dining table and get messy with these ketchup all over my cheeks. You?"

Steven answered , struggling with his own burger in his full mouth, "yeah i thought so too. Oh, you really had ketchup on your right cheek. Wipe it yourself cause i am eating too right now, darling." Yeah i kept on wiping off my cheeks while i am eating that monster.

Fullfilling satisfaction. Third best after sex. Ha ha ha. Did i just type that?
The banner finally hang after they settle everything in the kitchen.

If you are finding yourself trapped with nowhere to go tonight , if you are happened to be in KK importantly, (because it looked like they have not any branch of this burger bakar anywhere else but here and if you are fan of street burgers, street lepaking, tired of roti canai and nasi goreng kampung with teh tarik, this is a way to go. Get down and messy with KK BURGER BAKAR. You'll love it.

While waiting for the burgers. My son looked more impatient than me. As if he could eat a burger out of his little stomach. To ease it, i let him scoop his favorite finger biscuits on his own.
Before we were heading to Tanjung Aru.


  1. pernah makan..
    sedap giler kowt..
    meleleh air liur saya tgk gmbar tue...

  2. mcm feymes suda ni burger bakar kan..

    1. hihi... semakin. well, sa blm pg lg for the second, tp sa owez think about it.haha..


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