Thursday, 15 August 2013

1 Good Alternative Primer, M.A.C Paint Pots

Oily eyelids ? That could only mean that you would have a line of clumping eyeshadows on your crease at the end of the day. This is what happened to me as well and  can be embarrassing too.But, I always make myself feel better by telling myself that the creasing just happened when I was on the way home, driving. Hahaha... 

Eventually , I came to my senses that there are good eyeshadows to prevent such incident in the end of the day or if I was out under the sun or sweating too much. They won't even last til afternoon. I blame on the excessive sebum. Did countless searching online before I gave it for MAC's. MAC I think has the most reputation of long lasting cosmetics and of good quality. It was quite pricey compared to drugstore's cosmetics but, all I need is a good primer to hold my eyeshadows from creasing. It is not like we can put face powder onto the lids to keep it from nine to five. I was not a MAC at heart girl but, I decided to give it a go. I got myself the MAC Paint Pots in Groundwork and Painterly.

 I think these two can make  soft smokey brown that I typically wear on daily basis to work and even chilling on weekend. Painterly can also be worn for other particular looks that one wants to achieve since it is quite nude on the eyelids. It lightens up the darker eyelids while functions as a primer.

MAC Paint Pots in Groundwork is between the soft brown and taupe which is very nice as a base eyeshadow to create smokey eyes for the night. For daytime, I like  using the Painterly as the base eyeshadow to put on the whole eyelids, while the Groundwork is only for the crease alone and even to nose shading before   a darker shades of powder eyeshadow applied to the corner end of the eyelids to create a deeper eyes effect.

They are cream eyeshadows and I like using brush to apply them. It dries and lock quickly on the lids and after the cream, I use any brown powder eyeshadow for the crease and the corner of the eyes. I tried it for two types of eyeshadows which are from Za  and Elite on top of the cream eyeshadow , both are drugstore's brand and they lasted a day ! Boy, I am happy I found this cream eyeshadow from MAC. I do not have to apply primer anymore instead now I only used these cream eyeshadows as the base.

The pros:
It lasted from nine to five.
Creamy yet dries up fast on the skin.
Smudged proof.
Packed in a sturdy glass and a classic matte MAC plastic cap.

The cons:
Groundwork can looked a bit chalky if over used.
Painterly still could crease in the end of the day especially on a sweaty day . Maybe due to my oily skin. It creases on itself however, the other eyeshadow does not affected at all.

I know that these pots could last a very long time. I heard from most MAC lovers that they last long but, I certainly will re-purchase them. I just fell head over toe for these products!

Do you have any suggestions on which Paint Pots that also makes good alternative primer or other brands and, and which eyeshadow do you pair it with? If you have any suggestions, share it on the comment box.

Have a nice day, dolls!


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