Thursday, 1 August 2013

1 Tutorial: Fixing Uneven Eyebrow

Uneven eyebrow can hardly be noticed most of the times. You have to look closely at ones pictures then you may noticed it. Usually we simply ignored it simply because it is way too common especially in Asians. This may  rarely affect on Westerners. However, the good thing is uneven eyebrow never make anyone less beautiful. 

Uneven eyebrow can be caused by asymetrical face structure,  uneven bone on the eyesocket or maybe simply caused by faulty during shaving or picking your eyebrow hairs. 

One can fix uneven eyebrow by drawing beyond the natural eyebrow hairs or removing the extra hairs or performing them both. But, asymmetrical face structure can only be done by surgery under doctor's advise. 

I have all of the above. You name it. But, I learnt to embrace my flaws and make the best out of me to still look at least decently okay and fresh. (Not looking crazy with obvious uneven eyebrows)

I have the asymmetrical face structure in which my right side face eye socket is slightly bulged to the front  and my right cheek looked like it was flattened quite flattened compared to the left, the cheek bone shows and a slimmer jawline. I think that my best angle would be from the left side of my face which I often refer as my ideal face. So, I tried to make my right eyebrow to looked as symmetrical as possible to the left one. 

First up, by using eyebrow pencil, I mark on my right eyebrow where it would be on even height with the left eyebrow. Then, I draw the outline of the eyebrows upward UNDER the natural eyebrow hairs right until one third of the eyebrow then back on the natural eyebrow hair after that right until the tail.

On the left eyebrow , I draw the eyeliner ON the natural eyebrow hair all the way up to the arch and down to the tail. Since the left one is the ideal shape for me , then I do the same for the upper side of the eyebrow. 

For the right eyebrow, I need to mark again the height of the arch and the distance between the end of the eyebrow to the arch. Then, draw it accordingly, even I had to draw it beyond the natural eyebrow hairs. 

Fill them with my favorite eyebrow powder for a more natural look.

Finish up with eyebrow gel to set the  eyebrow hair.

I think the eyebrow gels make the eyebrows looks more soft.

Product I used:
KATE eyebrow pencil in BR-1 , natural brown
In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour
KATE eyebrow gel in natural brown

Though I knew this trick , still there were days where I just could not make it right. There are days where my eyebrows makes me looked like I had a symmetrical face because the eyebrows frame the face , sometimes they came out looking too bushy and thick and even too dark. There were days where they looked simply uneven. I thought about getting embroidery eyebrows but, I haven't done any yet. I do believe that practice makes perfect too. Eventually, I might get to draw the perfect eyebrow for myself. Whatever it is for now, I am enjoying grooming my eyebrows and it actually takes up  more time after shower than doing anything else when I am getting ready in the morning to work.

Okay, beauties. That's all from me today. Until my next entry. Chaww!


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