Tuesday, 24 July 2012

0 Braided Up Do with Buns at the Back

So i come up to the Birchbox.com site and found a tutorial on how to do the braided up do with buns at the back. It says there that this style is going to sweep out the topknot style (which i hadn't done yet in  a proper and recordable worthy) for now.

 I come up with my version of black hair, since the tutorial show a blonde hair done. I also adds some accesories on my hair too. 

It is so easy to secure the bun with this. Or if one doesn't have this , fret not, you can always secure the bun with booby pins too. This accesories , i donno what to call of this but i just love it to secure just any style of buns i do either it's on the top back , middle or lower back of the head, it is so easy with this. 

Here's how my version looked.

 I wear this hair to work today and people just love it. This style does not only can be brought to work  but, also to party, dinner or just chilling around. It really keeps your hair away from the face. But remember to let loose some of the flyaways or babyhair to keep the overall style looked relaxed. 

You can try to do this on your own too by visiting http://www.birchbox.com/video/how-to-braided-up-do/ and do check out more of hair styles from the Birchbox.com hair board web site.


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