Wednesday, 19 September 2012

0 The Annual Dinner Details are Announced ! And I Got Some Eye Candy

So, when i finished my first class yesterday, one of my fellow colleagues announced in the office that the teachers and staffs annual dinner will be on November 3, 2012 in Novotel Hotel at 1 Borneo Hypermall. She did mention that we are allowed to bring partners and family with us. Yeay, how nice!

Andd....of course the first thing that concerns me when such events comes up is the theme! 

Duhh, purple and pink. What's that supposed to mean? Means we can wear whatever we feel like comfortable in and bring it on that night long as it is in pink and purple. If one wears blue, it will still suits the theme as long as she might have pink hairband going on. Haha...i am not gonna bluff more on that theme. Because there are just so many things that one can rock on to a dinner party with these colors by the way. And , man... purple and pink has been my latest obsession...aww. They do the theme for me. Especially for me.. Well, i think i am the only person who think that way. How narcissistic that can be?

So,i have been thinking ... Should i asked my beloved talented mom to tailor the dress for me? Or should i just go any shops that sells amazing dress for this event? 

This is the dress that mom tailored for me on school annual dinner in 2010, back when i was still in FELDA Sahabat, Lahad Datu. Looks pretty amazing right? I am sorry the photo took in toggle whatever and you can't even see the whole picture of the dress.

Me, the one with peace out fingers. The one who gave that half smile, is my good friend, Alexia!
Will my mom have the time to make it for me? I owed a mountain lots (is this words even exist?) for she took very good care of my son back home. I know she is very tired taking care of my son who has been having diarrhea for a week and 3 days now. So sad by the way, that i can't be with them now. 

What i am gonna do is just waiting for the right time to ask mom. Finger crossed.. ;p

For some eye candy....enjoy the following photos!

Errr....I don't even know what to say. I'm gonna passed. Too decent.

Avant-garde, i must say. I don't think i can't finished the course meal right til the desserts served , or else i will feel as if i violated the dress its own. Too glittery on the front , you might caused your opposite table mates mistakenly took vinegar for some sugar for their tea.
This is sexaayy... something you would prefer wearing to get down and dirty dancing at nearest pub to where the dinner party held. Haha...then you wouldn't miss out on anything. Because you don't waste time to change from the dinner to go dancing in the club. Peace out!!

Okay, enough for tonight. I am so gonna head to the kitchen to check on my napa cabbage bathing on salt water. Shh...i am making kimchi for the first time. Wish me luck :)

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