Friday, 31 August 2012

0 I owe my Blog an Update, whatever it is

To Malaysians, Happy Independence Day!! How do you spend this holiday? 

Me, I am just hanging around at home , spending quality times with my son. Well, it has been almost three weeks i did not have entry to my blog. I owe my blog even a tiny update, regardless of whatever it is about. 

There were just too many things i had to do these past few weeks. It felt like everything going all at once. Since the week before the Hari Raya holiday. Oh, pardon me...I have to say this first. To Moslem readers, i guess it is not too late to wish you, Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri! To friends who is reading this entry right now, maaf zahir dan batin.

Back to what's been happening these past weeks, there aren't actually any big happening. There were just stuff that i did that makes me so carried away and took a lot of my time to care for. However,  I am not pregnant yet for the second. Haha.. And i am not drowning in any emotional conflict too with my husband nor am i involved in any fights with my siblings. Of course though there were times when i do have these problems but,who doesn't? As long as it does not affecting my roles.

I spent my Raya holiday by driving around going here and there to do all the things that i always want to fix before this. Get whatever i always wanted before. I was so sick of dreaming of what i can have and cannot have. So, during the last holiday, i wasn't planning on going anywhere for any honeymoon trip with Steven instead, i am just gonna get up every morning, think of what i wanted, take a shower, put on casual wears, some make up, and drive to the right destination dragging my son, mom and sister together. Yeah, what better companion one could have if husband is not available , working his butt off in the office. So, basically i spent the holiday  shopping.

So, i shopped. Among all of the things that i bought for head to toe, the photo below highlighted among all. Not because it is a plain hair brush but, i gotta tell you i hadn't brush my hair since last December! I , i would never brush my curly locks unless during the shower after applying the conditioner, i would just combed out any frills with a distant bristle comb. Because of i wanted to end the reign of the curly locks, i get myself .....

... the Body Shop hair brush. Super duper soft to the scalp. It just give me that massaging effect. Material used, bamboo... My mom said that i must be crazy getting a MYR50 hair brush when in fact any hair brush or combs can also make the hair looked manageable. I also don't understand why. Blame the internet.

As i mentioned just now, having good hair brush comes from getting my hair straigthened! I always love my curly locks but got this one morning when i said to myself,  it is time for a change. The hair dresser is locals of Kota Belud, Quinton. Well he is quite famous as the make up artist for weddings and local beauty queen competitions. I just love his work. Well, there were too many times whenever i went to other hair dresser to straighten my locks, they will chop off all the wavy locks before they even start to straighten it! They always come up with ," your locks is too dry and if i straighten them, they will damaged badly." Then the chopping took off immediately before i can see it. Then the end product is i got pretty short hair. I have chemistry with my long hair. They are my babies too. But, Quinton...he just straighten them first, with extra protections sprayed on my locks and yeay, we got that silky straighten hair. Silkiest hair i ever had ! He finished it off with only some trimming to the hair ends and tadaa, long silky straight locks.Now, that 50 bucks hair brush has things to do already instead of just sitting in the dark drawer. He he he.


I even found a land to be sold! Well, this is what had been take a lot of my time lately. There's just too many to consider too, financially to be exact. I always thought that finding the right land to build my dream house is difficult or almost impossible since there weren't too many people that would sell off their land, considering how much a land can do for ya! So, it is like, i kept this as a dream. But now, this dream is coming true if i just grab it and settle it. 

This land i found is in Tuaran District and sell in lots. The whole things haven't been settled yet, not even 50% because i am still considering, weighing, comparing and whatever you do when things got too good to be true. Though actually i already made an early agreement to book the lots that i think to be most suitable to build my dream house.

 I always dreamed of this. Yeah, to be in Tuaran means it is near to my hometon and yet not too far from the city of Kota Kinabalu But, when it falls right to my lap,almost like a durian runtuh (a big fortune) i cannot believe it and i am taking  my own sweet time considering whether i should take it or forget it.This is me. Sometimes , i can be quite prejudice of an opportunity coming. Well, i still got a week to think about this before settling everything and place my ownership on that very land.
What is this baby doing there? I called up him and when he turned, found out that he was actually...

Reading! Ha ha ha. You and i know that my 11 months old son can hardly read. He is just flipping the book and makes sound like.."ya ya, ar ar ar, ya  ya ya."I had difficulties understanding it. But he does seem like an expert reading in his own language.
This young proffesor is trying to get off something that sticks under his foot.
I am also planning my son 's first birthday! See, i told ya. There's so many things going on. It is still under planning, and for some reasons that i don't understand, i am nervous of his first birthday party be like when the day comes. It should be next week on Saturday. My son is reaching his one year old this coming Thursday but since everyone is busy during the weekdays, Steven and I plan to get it held on the weekend. Steven and mom has been very helpful in this matter. Designing a banner and a card, shopping for kitchen appliances and groceries. I could never have done this thing alone. 

Will post an entry on planning the first birthday party for baby and another entry for the birthday party. Now, i am more of excited than nervous. 

Finally, before this weekend passed, i will have to get all the birthday party plans and the menus and every details done because before the birthday party happens, i am coaching and escorting school netball team to a competition next Friday. And to my most terrified guts, the players have no experiences at all in netball. The boss asked to select this kind of players. I have to go with it though it sucks. It should be fine if the competition is six months ahead, but situation now, they and me only have four days for training. Please God, helps me get through this.

That's all for now. So, how about you? How do you spend you holiday?


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