Monday, 18 June 2012

0 Principles On Shopping Chemistry

Shopping is still pretty much of my most favourite things to
do rather than calculating my hand off my scien
tific calculator

Before i was married, the only thing that i could think of on what to spend my excess money is to shop every dress, stilettos and handbags in every shop i passed by in mall. Never had i failed to take at least one thing from a shop. Back to when i was still in college is worse. I had my pocket money mostly from ma and pa and my scholarship. I even thought that i had more pocket money than what i have now in my purse. Of course, after i was married, i could not just think of what should i wear but, also to my family's needs and household items though i am only the one who goes to the store , not the one with the purse opened. you got what i mean! my hubby technically the one who support the household spendings, me practically just spending my money for me and half on my lil son. hmmm, i am one lucky woman in the world but still i don't understand why i occasionally complaint about money. when i have my husband settle for my stomach's needs.

But no matter how crazy i was about shopping, i would never let my principles on shopping left at home. My ultimate shopping principles is never about the high-end products but products with good to medium quality combo with reasonable prices, on products, i wanna make sure that it is approved to be safe to used.

On make ups and beauty products:
First, we saw commercials on tv, then i will check out the product reviews. Then meet the products face to face.... Check out ingredients, approvals, tests then i make sure that i can afford it, to maintain the goodness it does to me. Even if i can afford it now, especially these high -end products,i must ask myself if i can afford it again next time around. I can't afford to risk my already sensitive skin by constantly changing products that i can only afford financially at times. Principle to look on to, never change it if it doesn't troubled you. So, for me if one products does good to me, doesnt matter what brand,  or how expensive, how cheap it is,  i dont change it for as long as it serves me best. Show some loyalty, because some products can take about two weeks to show results. Be patient on beauty products. Make ups, no matter how good it is, it is still highly advisable not to bring your face down with it to the bed,  means it always has to go away in the end of the day. So, what is there for me left? So, instead of only wearing high-end lines, it is enough for me to wear those approved and safe, bonus with long lasting, minerals, vitamins and rich colors from drugstore make ups products.

On clothes and handbag : Fashions come and go, for that i don' t mind wearing from retails as long as it is comfortable and in trends. It is not like i must wear the newest trends but i am holding on to the principle,  dress to impress. Second i will look on if it suits to my body type. Of course, handbag doesn't counted like that. If it looks cute and elegant, buy it doesn't matter if it really Guess or not because in maybe two months or three i might get bored with it and not gonna ever wear it again. Finally, comfort. Huh, any girls should admit that the most desirable dress will not be so comfortable on you even if it suits you. Haha!

Why i dont mind wearing cheap handbag sometimes and clothes, because i like to change myself with clothes i am wearing. So i dont really thinks that i will spends hundreds on something that i might only wear for a month or two or one night. You dont have to wear million dolars clothes to look stunning.Trust me, there are lotsa girls who have plenty of one night stand with their dresses! I feel guilty pleasure about it but, the thought of wearing same dresses for other occasions that is specially bought or sewed for particular occasions at first, always sends shiver to my spine. Okay, it is not that awful or like the world is gonna end that i am being a bit of overreacting about it, but come on, folks. I am only imagining worse case scenario. I kinda have insecurity when people starts asking, is that the same dress you wore on here and there dinner?
Argh, it is not like there will be paparazi showing it on Melodi or Astro Awani news. Or be mocked on Mangga or Harian Metro. But really? However, I am simply typing the over the top statements here, i hope that's fine, at least to my thinking set.

On some stuff like watch, shoes,  sunglasses, i will choose the high end products for quality and comforts. I am also likely to have a long -term relationship with these. So, can't say that i am against the fine stuff but, i am only have to be a smart shopper.


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