Monday, 11 June 2012

0 He is 9 months old

My little precious is 9 months old today. He is more active, an expert in crawling, and now he can grab a hold on any furniture that is within his reach to stand on his own. There were times i saw him trying to let go off his hand from the furniture, but he always ended up fell to the floor sitting or directly lying down. Poor him, if he hits the floor hard he will squirm hard. His fingers also can pick up smallest thing on the floor like ants, therefore it is never advisable to let him play alone even on the floor because he might picked up dirts or any dangerous insects.

His favorite thing to do is to squish a box filled with blocks. If he is given a soft pillow or toys, he will grab them hard to his body and kiss it. He has his favorite pillow which he likes to hold and throw his body on the bed with it. It very pleasant to see him playing happily and rolling over and over with his favorites.

Since he is very attached to his caregivers which is my mom, he could not stayed any longer than 15 minutes if he went to co-sleep with me at night. I feel frustrated at times but, i am used to this already since this has been going on since he was 7 mo. Therefore, i really cherish every seconds i spend with him.

He is also like an anti social kids now. Whenever a stranger came on him, no matter how many tricks they tried on to see him smiling, the encounter will only end up hearing and seeing him giving the 'n' shape mouth, crying. But, when he is around familiar faces, he is more than happy to make people laugh. He also babbles, mama papa now and usually cried out loud, like deep, aarrr, that could send any people coughing if trying to imitate his very own language.

He eats two times a day now, rice porridges on daily basis. Porridges must be cooked with various vegies, chicken, anchovies or fish as protein resources. Of course there were a lot of times he does not has his appetite but all my mom and me can be is to keep being patience. We also gives him snacks to chew on like the Milna rusk. It melts on his mouths and gives parents sense of relieves that he will not choked. He looks very beautiful when chewing.

Since i only get to see him on weekend, i really going to spend quality time with my son when i am home. I really can't wait for his next milestones. It is truly exciting and challenging at the same time to have and nurture children but he is the one who makes my day.

How about you? Do you have baby too? How old is she and what does she do at the age?

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