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0 12 Photos from Singapore and the Guy in the Aquarium

Last entry on driving to Singapore was plain with text and I have no complain why there were less people reading it. But ,  after I finish this photo entry I will upload photo of the sacred card to survive driving in Singapore, the Autopass card. At least people got the idea of how does it looked like. Nothing like the Touch N' Go card we used in Malaysia, but the functions are very much alike. 

Okay , I'll passed  the last entry's topic and lets move on some photo stories. 

 He was anxious to go for the Singapore Flyer. He really thought he was actually actually flying. Boy, I was worried all the time when it comes about him during this trip because he did not eat a thing since we reached Singapore. Thank God he did drink formulas as the substitute for the meals.

The folks are no easy to convince into doing what they do not like. But, I did convince them to buy ticket in advance and when we arrive, I once again had convinced them to go climb the Singapore Flyer. It was such an experience that they'll never forget, I swore. But, mom and cousin (ladies in blue and black) never move from their seat since they stepped into the capsule! I can't believe them. Aunt Lathimi was the sporting kind of aunty I have , was cool and I actually had loads of photos of her here and everywhere around Singapore. SOrry aunt , had not send you any of your photos yet, I need to wrap up my blog for 2013 for all the places I went this year.  Next year, the start of school , I will be slow in writing , school can be crazy at the start of a new semester.  But, I promise to send her by the way before 2013 ends.

The following are the views of the city, and of course there's the Marina Bay Sands. I can't believe I did not go in there when it was actually like few hundreds meters bridge separating the Singapore Flyer to the building. Next time, ladies !

From other angle of the city...

These are beautiful. 

The above and the next photo. My son insisted on wearing my sunglasses and his mouth couldn't stop pouting to hold on the glasses on his tiny nose. 

 My cousin was the only one he would listen during our trip but it didn't applied by the way when it comes to eating. 

They are sisters!Might be the closest ones among the six siblings they have. 

These are taken at the Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay. It looked like it was not that huge when you see the glass buildings from outside but it was HUGE alright, so magically serene and cooling even under the hot sun. There were several gardens in the gardens which you have to buy your tickets for each gardens. We only bought tickets for two gardens but we still couldn't finished them all.

The Flower Dome.

This photo should tell you that I was excited and surprised. We had two tickets which is to the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. But as soon as we go into the Cloud Forest, without warning right at the entrance, there's a waterfall and would wet you off . And it was tall ! I always amazed by waterfalls or whatever about waters. Couldn't help it , you see it from the funny looking photo of me.

That one full day in Singapore was ended with river cruising near sunset and it ended until it was quite dark. Our river cruise starts from the farthest jetty which made it was all worthy, at the Clark Quay, behind the Liang Court. River cruise, I believe to be the fastest , easiest and most serene way to enjoy sightseeing Singapore town. 

Our last stop before heading back to Johor was to Underwater World in Sentosa Island. Was amazing and it was way bigger than the one at the Manila's oceanarium. 

The guy in diving suit in the following photo was caught feeding the fish and I photographed  this amazing scene I never saw live, all the big fish including the sharks, for like 5 shots. I guess the fish were acting weirder and weirder as I took their photos until the guy made his small eyes fierce,glaring at me from behind the thick glass, while making signal with his hands, I believe that he wanted me to stop taking photos with the flash on. So, I switch it off, continued as I was sure that the flash were already switched off, but of course this Nikon DSLR still producing some kind of torchlight when taking pictures in dark areas. The guy stopped again to warn me with his hand signal, I understood so I walked away, giggling like a schoolgirl. Was embarrassed at some point as people were all looking at me, while some guys looked at me as they understand that the light from some kind of torch light from the camera cannot be prevented as they looked back at the guy in the aquarium as if they wanted to explained but hopeless. Thank you guys, it was nice of you but, I already got my best shot long before the guy were mad. 

I kept on snapping because I would never know if there would ever be more interesting shots afterwards. Turned out I only had the first one , the best which is the following photo.

 I was really frustrated that we missed the Dolphin Show while it actually had 3 - 4 shows in a day. We had already planned to move to Johor by noon and the next show when we were outta there would be on 2 p.m.. So , we left for Johor. It should had been the first stop we went before going into the aquariums. But, there were very little information on what you should've see if you are visiting the Underwater World  Sentosa like the schedule on the dolphin show on the entrance. They post the schedule at a pillar before the pool. You have to walk passed an educational gardens to get to the pool.  Or at least have people on the ticketing counter to inform every visitor on the schedule. 

They have this rare pink dolphin alright , mister. I saw it jumping from the water where it was caged next to pool once , I believe  intended for the show. Hah, we knew what we were missing. 

Overall, I like to come back to Singapore , next time probably with Steven and beloved son. 


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