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3 Longest market at the border of Sarawak and Kalimantan

The things with Asia is whenever you go, there will always be a market that could attract people to go there not just for cheap groceries but, also for shopping tours since market here does not only sell meats and leaves, fruits but also clothings and many that you could find in big malls but, it was sold in lower price here. Don't start with the quality. A market ,can you expect more? If you happened to get the new one at a reasonable price, you must be lucky. The famous market here is about 45 km from Kuching city, it was near Bau town and Kalimantan borders, Serikin.  Most of the vendors are Indonesians and stuff they selling also from Indonesia. Of course there were also locals selling local stuff and from the nearby country.
Longest market ! And lots of people. You'd better drive down to this town early in the morning from Kuching. The weather is hotter here too. Bring H2O with you , do not put high hope to find cold water here.

There were lots of stall of this kind here. These packets are among the many types of instant drink from instant coffee to instant ice shake. I rarely saw most of the kinds in local supermarkets.

There were lots of people here, of course the tourist , usually from Peninsular Malaysia who travel here just for some fancy biscuit jars and unique batik either of Sarawak's or Indonesian's and local Sarawakians . Though some of them were quite up to date. But, if you're willing to go all out even in the darkest alley and hidden stall you might surprised to find better and cheaper treasures.There were a lots of souvenirs stall too but, i suggest that you wait until you had a chance to visit souvenir shop back in the city. They were a lot cheaper in the city especially at the Waterfront bazaar and Main Bazaar. You would also see exotic foods , Malay clothing, bags, housewares, traditional medicines and ointments selling cheap here, local delicacies, even local fruits, and the Sarawak black pepper too!

I got myself a kebaya nyonya with batwing sleeves and i was going to pair it with batik Sarawak.
Those handbags behind me looked interesting in this photo. Now, I felt a little regret that i didn't take even a single of those arm candy.

This photo was taken all at the wrong place , wrong everything. The hut behind me was so ugly, they were either unfinished because the labors were too tired building up the unique roof or damaged by serious vandalism acts. The drain was like the ultimate rubbish i ever seen, i meant for a place that attracts tourist the most. This market accepts more visitors than Zhuhai everyday. This place ought to be upgraded. It deserves some nice cute hut, anything , have to be better than what they already have now.

These kitchen wares are cheap here. I heard so. I heard a Malay man negotiating about the price of these with the Indonesian vendor. Imagine having these serving sweets and cookies on your dining table and living room. For me, they looked luxurious and perfect!

There were lots of stall selling copycat branded handbag but most of them seemed too weary ...and looked like they were worn by somebody years ago, i stopped myself from going into handbag stalls though I am pretty sure that not all of them of that quality. But, it feels to me like it is not the right place to find nice arm candy.

If you questioned what actually can you get here?  Batik of course.. souvenirs and vintage stuff.... and uh, i saw people who had to come all over to Serikin for vintage furnitures, most of rattan made.. I didn't see the stalls that selling it probably at the very end of market. I thought i was gonna faint with the weather there, so after i found what ticks me the most or the least i could find to be exact , which nothing much actually, i went straight back to the car while searching for mom and dad with my son along the way.  It was too hot there and there were only few booths that selling cold water there. Bring your own water instead, because it is very very very hot in Serikin.

Whilst on our way back to Kuching, we stopped by at a cave called the Poh Lin Shan. It was actually a place where Buddhist devotees pray and here they placed the floating Buddha statues which they found years ago in the middle of the sea.It is opened for tourists too.

One has to remove your shoes before going up.
My folks looked tired , huh in this photo? They should just smile more.

A family pictures inside the mini cave. Can you see the Buddha statues behind us? It was way up behind us, drowned in the orange light up above. It is actually very cool in the cave, and has more compartments in it, I think but, there were lots of people when we visited and our stomachs are craving for some refills, therefore, we stopped at just taking some pictures then, leave to the city of cats.

Behold, I got more drafts to be completed on my recent visit to Kuching. Please, before that happened,promise to enjoy your days and smile, fella.


  1. Interesting...will plan to go there someday.. ;-)

  2. aduih adik sa study d swk dia selalu p ni market dia blg

    1. jauhnya dia p bjalan2 smpai serikin tu...hehe. tapi bagus kadang-kadang tukar angin kan..


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