Tuesday, 25 September 2012

0 Maybelline's Hyper Sharp Liner , A Review

Nah, i just ran out on my liquid eye liner last week so, i went to Watson to buy the new one. I planned to get the same one that i always wear, the Maybelline Line Allure Eyestudio but, instead i can't find it on the Maybelline rack the other day. 
I stumbled upon this i think that it is quite new, the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner. It is a liquid eyeliner too with a very sharp and thin brush with it. I've read other blogs review that it only measured 0.05mm. Now, how awesomely fine  is the tip? 

0.05mm tip
Single and double streaks.
I love the Maybelline's pencil liner but, it is quite hard to create a fine liner on the eyeliner with it, and it fades away rather quickly in humid weather. 

The Hyper Sharp Liner has a simple packaging , with gold cap and black tube. However, when you place the tube vertically (with caps down) the liquid will comes off the tube. When i first got the tube, i was putting it vertically down often when i was removing its plastic cover. So, just when i was removing the gold cap, it was like i was holding a marker pen with overloaded ink. Holy crap, my white sleep gown was stained by it!

It does says on its plastic cover that it may spilled when holding it vertically too often or too long therefore, you have to always put it horizontally unless you want the ink to drop on your cheek when you are drawing the liner to your eyes. 

This the end product when the liner landed on my tiny humble eyes....

If you like winged eye liner on your eyes, then this would be a great choice for you as it provides precision in the applications. Look how thin the line i could be making with this fine tip of liner. It so close to the lashline. The application was very easy too though, sometimes i had pretty shaky hands when applying liquid liner. The brush was absolutely soft and glide easily on the lashline.

I like to extend the wing at the corner of my eyes to the lower lash line. A bit extended down only. The fine soft brush makes this easier for me to perform.

It actually does last a day in your work. So, you wouldn't have to worry that your eyeliner falls off your cheek, flakes to be exact. It lasts as long as you don't rub it off. So, if you feel like your eyes gets itchy during the day, get your mirror and scratch your way down in aware of your eye make ups. (But, we are never allowed to rub our eyes. Bad for ya.) Because i don't think that you always had your make up kits along with you all the time, right? So, you will have less  chance to re apply or correct your make up in the toilet. Seriously , it waste lots of my time working or i might miss the most interesting scene in a movie for correcting my eyeliner!

That's my review for today. Ha ha ha...as if i'm doing this on the regular basis. (Blushed cheek) But, i try to if i get some new products for my make up kits.

So, what's your favorite eyeliner?


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