Tuesday, 25 September 2012

2 Revlon Photoready 3D Mascara , A Review

I love these eyelashes... thick, long and soft. Who does not want this? He he he...but these are not real lashes. Fake one.

----- Yeah, you could tell. I know, thank you.

So, my Maybelline mascara also dries off after 3 months , by daily basis applications.  Well, mascara actually do lasts up until 3 months after opening. But, that's if you really took good care of it. I mean , using it the right way.That's why i am out with my falsies on, which i really love wearing.

But, who does have the time to wear falsies every morning before going to work?  I still need a good mascara to achieve the same length and volume lashes well, maybe not but at least almost have them.

I decided to give a try on the new Revlon Photoready 3D Mascara, okay it may not that very new, i knew that it was released end of 2011. Maybe the Watson did not put on their rack anymore until anytime now. 
Simple packaging, with fat tube.

The mascara give the long eyelashes effect but not to pump up the volume as it claims to be. However, you have to put two to three coats to get the optimum effect. I know we are always being advised to put the next coat after the previous coat had dried but, to my experience , i find that this formula does not work so. I thought that i was the only one with such experience but , i ran into several make up bloggers that think the same too. Which you don't have to wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second. When you does it the advisable way, the mascara tends to clump and the eyelashes were sticking to each other. Big NO, NO. We don't want that. 

The mascara's brushes are tiny and fine and this is what makes it so effective in creating long lashes. It does swipe every fine eye lashes and extend them up.
My left eye without mascara on
My right eye after applying the mascara on. Woo hoo! I'm liking the effect it gives.
This mascara does not dry quickly but once it does, you'll feel that it is lightweight to the eyes and can last to 5. Though if you are sweating a lot in the day, there might be some flakes below the lower lashline like i had the other day as a results of running around the school for a packed schedules. 

It can be removed with make up remover easily , at least to mine, i used the Silky Girl Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. 

I strongly recommend this mascara if you are looking for length and lightweight feel on your eyelashes. The price is very reasonable too with its quality, which costs, MYR 37.90 can be found at your nearest drugstore. Happy blinking like dolly doll, girls!


  1. sa ada try ni d watson but skg kan sa sangat bh tidak ada mood mau mekap he he he..

    ahhh dia release 2011? aik baru ja mcm last month sa nmpk d rack watson..

    1. Hi, beaty! Izzit because u r still wit honeymoon mode? Hehe... D US ni mascara release last year lagi...hjg thn but ni kira as make up of 2012 la. D watson tu lambat tu kasi kuar brg d rak.... Maybe mau kasi abis dlu stok lama baru la kasi kuar yg baru . Wat to do... Better late than never ja la bilang.


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