Wednesday, 23 May 2012

2 Travelling Abroad: 10 Tips on Packing

I know! I am not bragging here , but i am just sharing tips. At this moment,  I am as anxious as the students for this exam to be over , holiday to be started. Well, this is my first time travelling oversea with my hubby. We are going to Philipines! My good friend, Sherry had emailed me the itinerary for our travel package which we will be abroad for 5 days and 4 nights. Ouh! I can't wait for this. Soon after i read that email, i googled on every places that we are going to go and they make my heart races! Before going to sleep, I was thinking of what i am going wear, head to toe,  which i have my cousins to make me a crochet hat for a horse riding to Taal volcano. I know, it will be an amazing trips ever. Okay, i might google on principles of what to pack to Philipines too. That's 

1. Comfort must comes first.  Pack cloths with cotton fabrics that is wrinkled free and absorb sweat like sponge. No, it is not necessary did that.

2. Pick cloths with basic colors. Rationale is, it will be easy for me to mix and match. But, it is okay to pack bright colors like red or orange if you are heading to the beach or it is summer time. It is always summer in Philipine. 

3. Always pack at least a pareo or sarongs to cover up if you are going for swimming.

4. Perfect daytime uniform, shorts, skirts and tops! Pack extra tops to layer on other tops or can be wore on its own.

5. Dresses for a  night out either for dinner, or just chilling at pubs. Can be short or long. 

6. A cardigan. It is the easiest way to upgrade your look. You may use it to cover up at night outs, cozying in the plane, or if you dare enough, wear it alone with a pants for dinner out.

7. You may leave your expensive  accesories at home. Buy it there to get local treasures. If you in an islands, you might want to buy coral necklace or bangles to put on during the vacation.

8. Bring only at least two pairs of shoes. One for a casual sandals, which you will wear during the day. You want a comfy one to walk on  around. The other one is dressy one to wore at night out.

9. Roll your clothes to be pack in the luggage. You will be thanking for this as it 'll save more space to the luggage.

10. Take a hat. Vacationing is one excuse to wear a wide brim hat as you would not looked ridiculous.  I already bought one for myself. It is not wide brimmed as i was imagining that i would get one like that, but it is just not possible with crochet as the brim will fall down to my nose. 

My crochet hat hand-made by my cousin, Hani.
(source: photo shared to my facebook timeline
by Hani Jaisham)

There you go. You might have other ideas on what to pack for vacation. It all depends on where we are going abroad. What i wear on the vacation and my make ups, i will upload soon after my vacation is over. Oh la la la.....let's do the packing!

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