Thursday, 31 May 2012

0 Road traffic rules are meant to keep us safe

I stated in my 'about me' , that i am not well with rules. But what about rules that determined our live and death? I meant, for rules on the road. It is meant to keep all the road users included the pedestrians to be always safe. Does not matter if we are involved in an accident that is caused all by our ignorances or by other people's but accidents brings so much losses to people involved. Bank is being broken, lives are at risk, and even insurance claim procedure can be a pain in the ass to be over with.

 Why i post this? It's merely because my frustrations and angers that i kept inside when my husband was involved in an accident in Pitas which he was knocked down by a car at a roundabout. This very car drove by a teenager, without license and the car is not even his. He was taking shortcut in a aroundabout at the very time my hubby which riding a motorbike only was crossing the roundabout when they had a collision.

According to reliable resources, he fell from his motorbike, and get himself a 3 inches puncture wounds at his left thigh. This wound is believed cause by the unpadded pedals. He can't stand up and was sent to the hospital right away by an ambulance. He bled a lot hell of it. When i was called to go the hospital, relieved that he was still conscious to call me and the kids did not run for his life. I asked for settlements outside the police station which he would not have to be compounded by police but agreed to pay all hospitals bills, motorbike repairments, his flight ticket to Manila, and payments for the travel agent, and a 'pampasan teladan '. No insurances claimed in this case. I mean the kids did not drive his own car, the car 's road tax is expired, and unemployed. He could be jailed for these and for risking others life.His father was the one who settle the payments for him. Of course he did not pay all the settlements altogether, but the kids have signed a statutory declaration in front of the vice district officer of Pitas and his father settled half of it excluding the motorbike repairments and hospitals bills. I was hesitated at first whether to loosen up him a bit on the settlements but, there is no way i can win it with someone who really cannot settle all of the claims.

 Meanwhile in the hospitals, my husband suffers lots of antibiotic shots, and excruciating pain everytime the wounds is cleansed. He can't walked himself to the toilet for the first five days. It was so heartbreaking seeing him like this. He was so excited about our trip to Philiphines but now, there is no way he can walk himself for more than 5 minutes. Until his wounds was reviewed by an orthopedic only then, his wound was stitched inside out. After that only he was able to find courages to walk himself to the toilet but still he can't move his thigh muscle properly and in pain. It has been 6 days! As i watched him walked in lame, i always had this very evil wishes to the kids who knocked him. But, i do hope from this accident, he learnt his lesson well. I do not know him, but i do hope that he would abide the road laws next time he sits behind a wheel again. I can't be mad, can't scold him more than i had in at the bottom my dark heart, because what is done, is done. I am thankful enough that my husband is alive, and still able to hear and response to my nags. He was so hopeful to go for the trip to Philipines once he was able to go the toiLet by himself. The toilet was a meter away from his bed! No way! As i frustrated i was that there is no way he will be joining me, i believed he is more hurt than me that he had to be left behind this time. People might say that i was kinda cruel, but we made a deal that if he's out from the hospital, i will be going anyway. Which he would be discharged on the day before we supposedly departed. I am so sorry,hubby. Get well soon, we'll figure out something to spend the holiday together once i am back. Kiss, kiss.

 If only the kids had not been so selfish thinking that he and his friends 's nasi goreng pattaya were the only things matter in the world, at this moment, we would spending quality times with our little son at home, would be travelling together and how times would not be wasted to stay in the hospitals for a week. My husband too would not have to suffer from 8 antibiotic shots daily. Seeing him in pain is excruciating, but i just have to force myself to be strong for him. Tonight would be my last night attending him before i departed to Manila with goods friends and my cousins who take my husband's place. Sweet dream, darling. Oops, he is awake and need company to the toilet. Here i come, hubby.


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