Tuesday, 22 May 2012

0 Soft and Smoother Lips Every Morning

Ever waking up with dry chappy lips? Loved one kisses us in the morning sayimg 'i love you, babe' but he gots dry lips, add on sharpy , cracky torn lip skin to kiss on. Gah! This is because our body tends to lose more water at night. That's why if we drink too much before going to sleep we going to end up finding ourselves in and out to the toilet in the middle of the night. To avoid this, people tends to reduce consumption of water at night. But the downhill to this is , dry lips in the morning. Tricky situation. One way to overcome this dilemma of dry lips is by applying Vaseline jelly on the lips before i doze off.
Vaseline petroleum jelly. It is very cheap, price between MYR 10
to MYR 20. It is a multi purpose cream too. 
The next morning , before i brush my teeth, i will brush off my lips gently with the toothbrush. Tadaaa...soft lips revealed. Woah, it was not comfortable when i first tried this method in, as it feels like i am having one too thick of lipstick on my lips all night. I am joking...it actually feels slightly creamier but will managed to sleep anyway with it. Vaseline never fails. And it works just as better as other lip balm.

Soft and smooth lips makes it easier to be applied on any lip stain. For very rich and creamier lip stain will give slightly  better looking on this lips as it provides smoother canvas.  If you haven't try this, go get a grab on this multi purpose jelly and put it on!

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