Monday, 21 May 2012

2 Make Ups Quintessential

I used to hear "Beauty is Pain" since i was 16 year old when i first get my hair straightened, back in 2002. It is because back at that time, saloon only have the two ways system to straightened your hair which takes forever to finished. Imagine, i had been sitted in front of the mirror at 8 in the morning, i had to take to lunch with my hair  heavy with chemicals. The odor was so sharp that it hindered my appetites. Well, the results was all worth while by the way. It always is because who doesn't like soft, touchy hair?

Well, who says we need a whole big bag to have a complete set of make ups to look good?  If you are heading to work, classes or just an outing, we only need a small amount of make ups that accentuates our natural beauty at the right place. We do not want to be seen as trying too hard, or taken less serious off especially by our bosses, lecturers, our nerdy study group members, or maybe colleagues. But, in this post, i will only emphasizes on the quintessential in our daily basis make ups. We do not have to break the bank to look beautiful, we only need the right and suitable products for  our skin conditions. As for me, I only buy make up products that can be bought from local drugstore like Watson's, Guardian, Red City.....

Basics are , a makeup bag, moisturizer, sunscreen,  foundation, eyebrow liner, eye shadow of neutral and dark colors, mascara, eye liner, eyelash curler, lipstick, lip gloss and few brushes of different types and sizes. My version is...
The right bag that is easy to bring to anywhere
Neutral eye shadow color. This is by Za Dramatic Color in Gold. It is qute glittery which makes the eyes looked fairy but also can last up until 8 hours wear.

My favorites of all time, Maybelline Eyestudio Liquid Eyeliner

Currently I am using mascara from Za , Wide Eye Mascara in violet that gives the effect of long lashes. It has the comb-type brush. Well, once i run out of this tube, i always run for others since
mascaras is always developing. Or it might not.
An eyelash curler. I bought it from Cindy Beauty Corner that
is available in most supermarket in Malaysia. I have been using this curler for 7  years and
i only replace the rubber in one of the jaw.

I just switched to BB cream. I used to use the True White 2  way Cake by Za.  I just  kinda obsessed with BB cream nowadays.

Brow liner by In2It. I really loved this. The brush is very long lasting and
as well as the cakes. It comes in 2 shades, light and dark brown
which i think complimented the dark hair color and skin tone of Asian

My current favorite, lipstik by Za Plumper Lips in Pearly Pink .
I used a lot from Za right? That's because the quality of the products yet affordable.
Za products also are long lasting, gives you the color that
really satisfies.

To blend beautiful make ups effectively i am gonna need set of good brushes. Mine is  from Elianto.  From left, 3 shadows brushes, the foundation brush, and the blush brushes. I love the brushes from Elianto
because not only it is very affordable but also,
long lasting and soft to the skin. There are few empty pockets still that i will fill up soon. They are
on my wishlist..

These are the basic tools and  that you need in your make up bag.  Of course when you are someone who likes to look good with make ups and to get creatives, you gonna need more eye shadows color, fake eyelashes ( which i must have at least two pairs in my make ups drawer), pencil eyeliner, the mascara that gives different effects, and more lipstik color, lip gloss and more brushes. I forgot to mention the sunscreen. Mine is Za True White Sunscreen SPF26 A++. It is a must apply cream before the rituals of painting the face down started.

There you are, posts on how to put make ups on various style for various events will be coming up soon.

Kisses, Jessie Voo Proud momma


  1. I use the IN2IT brow liner too.. he he

  2. Yeah...It's so amazing that it could last up to 8 hours wearing!


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