Sunday, 3 February 2013

0 My first Zalora!

Nah i have been hearing, 'like' on Facebook , receiving and deleting emails after finally i click to open my inbox from to see what they have to offer. It has become one of the biggest online shopping nowadays. We seen everywhere on the net. If you are a woman who loves fashion and SHOPPING  then you will feel intrigued by the offers you saw in the ads. My second anniversary with Steven is coming very soon which is next week and we planned to go out have a lavish dinner at a fancy hotel. Well i actually had booked it. Works are taking tolls on my time and i really do not have time to go around shopping malls to shop for my clothes. And i kinda really need a new dress for that night. 
Uh , we have been married for two years but, of course every women in the world wants to look beautiful by their men. Well , if i were to go out during the weekend it'll takes so much time going in and out of fitting room and in the end of the day i need to bath and feed my son and play with him some more.. doing house chores...Wears me down ...i rather semi sleep together with my little son and surfing around for online shopping. So i thought to myself why not just get a fabulous dress online? So my first choice definitely from this ever sought after and widely advertised on the net , . They of course have wide range of clothing for men and women , accessories, shoes, health and beauty care and also the home appliances. Delivery is also kinda fast , as fast as 3 bussines days even to Kota Belud, Sabah mind you. They even let us return the products within 30 days. Payment can be made either by direct debit if you have Maybank2u, CIMBClick or via credit card. Cash transfer also available but, after you made the payment, you have to fill in a form to fill in your transaction details. If you are transferring cash using this method, the cash will be credited to the Zalora's bank service the on the next working day and may take up to three working days. Zalora will only send you stuff you bought once the cash credited to their account. So, which method do you prefer? I remembered they also received payments via Paypal but, i am not familiar with it , anyway.
If you still want to surf around what i had bought from Zalora, check them out in the following photos...
Three items one go! And i am loving what i bought.
This certainly will be my working shoes. It has comfortable  kitten heels which definitely will be useful when i have to go up and down three-storey class buildings.
I really love the details on this shoes...

I did try on this dress the other day but , took no single photo with it. Because i want it to be special on our anniversary night..will only post it ( i try) after the dinner. Heee..But, you can search it online based on the tag above.

I might pair the dress with this 5-inch heels but i am restless at the thought that i would looked taller than Steven....hmm
Why , why it is always this long to take you to the point , right. The quality of the dress is so-so. What I  mean is that it is not so bad yet there are few slacks that cannot be ignored too. ....... while the shoes , i do hope that they'll survive with my ever changing tastes on shoes. These shoes from Zalora are not off branded ones  bought but they really felt comfortable under my feet though the black one are 5 inches high. Well i really wear some of really comfortable and fine shoes until they wear off ,alright. While some, while they were exceptionally beautiful, i kinda put them in the corner after some time( they must felt horrible) and only wear it occasionally. So usually they wear off themselves, rot in that shoe rack on their own. Kinda wasting money but, that's why i am being kinda savvy by rarely choose  expensive brands of shoes because of this bad habit!
 Do you know other online shopping shop that works as well as Zalora around Malaysia or Singapore? Please do share and lets save our petrol by buying online. Hahaha, what a terrible calls i made there. Only make sure that you do not use it to cure depressions or heartbroken or you going to end up being caught in heavy debts.

Chaw, stay fashionable, ladies.


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