Wednesday, 6 February 2013

0 Wordless Wednesday: My son turning 17 mo

My son is 17 months today! I feel sorry that i cannot be there for him. To treasure and mark this day, i decided to upload his photos that i recently took. He is not photograph loving type of person, maybe he is camera shy or he just do not give a damn on this taking photos matter. It is because he will always either look away from the camera or he is trying to poke into the lens.

Do you know how it is to take this photo of him, facing the camera? He is climbing on the staircase and i am waiting for him from the top of the stairs.
 Say cheese, little darling....

He just got this serious expression like me when he is up to something...

This is what i am talking about earlier. He will turn down his face when i am trying to capture his best moment catching some flying insects that goes into the house when it is getting dark. Errr...we are living in the jungle. Kidding. 

Maybe the flash is too much for him.

If this is the only way to make him look into the camera, then i will always have a blurry finger like that in his photo. He is trying to poke into the lens like i said earlier. Lets hope he will grows out of this. 

Gah, finally a photo of him turning to me when i called his name. Manage to take clear photo without blurriness.

That's it for today. Happy monthsary my little son.. Mommy and daddy love you very much.


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