Tuesday, 29 January 2013

1 Can i drink myself to beauty?

I never believed the statement, with this you are on your way to have a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. 
Well, do you? 

I think no matter what you drink, you eat, you swallowed, you chew ... no matter how good the stuff you are doing yourself to get that beautiful, glowing skin, it is all go back to the lifestyle you are leading. 

One cannot achieve the beauty that they dream of if they are not sleeping well , eat well and rest well. Though you have spend thousand ringgits to buy the best skincare, cosmetics and nowadays supplements. Spend and use. 

You gotta maintained the taking of skincare and supplements if you want the effect to last. Cosmetics always goes away in the end of the day, and at night it is only you and your dull skin. It is not wrong to have all these products with you. Apart of spending lotsa money on them, use them...


Like most people said, 

sleep well.
rest well. 
eat well. 

hey, exercise too. 

If you are an 'owl' , drinker, smoker, stressing  yourself too much, and already have bad skin condition, you eat or wear whatever, it is not going to work y'all.  You are wasting more money only. 

So, before deciding on taking supplements you have to make yourself lead the right lifestyle first. Then, the effect will be optimized. 

So, when i decide to take a collagen drink as my supplement, i decide to change my lifestyle first. Instead of going to sleep at 1 a.m., i try my best to go to bed at 11 p.m.. I decide that my work stops at the time, and i buried in my mind that no matter what, nothing can't wait until tomorrow. So that, i can have my rest. Even during the weekend i got the urged to click my workload files on my lappie, i resist it. I choose to go play and have a good time with my little son. Or go out and shopping.

Instead of taking naps during my spare times, i do my pilates. It is so easy, and can be done right in your own bedroom. Well there are friends who asked me what did i do to get back in pre pregnant shape. I am sorry, i said , "nothing, just reduce my food consumption." Well that is true from a side. Pilates too is one of my secret to get to  my pre-pregnant size.  But, all i do is just the abs moves... the criss cross, the 100, single leg stretches, roll up, and the spine stretch...and one non-pilates moves, the push-ups just to remove my batwing! Don't you just hate the fatty skin just outside your underarm showing when you are wearing tube tank top? I hope to do an entry on the pilates moves that i have been practising because it works!

I even added to my diet , a collagen supplement for this new year. I am getting no younger. 

So, why i suddenly want to drink myself to beauty? 

I thought that my skin condition will get better as i aged, i mean my acne! It does come and go during the menstrual times of the month but, i realize that the scars are getting slower in healing. I noticed there are three worry lines starts to appear on my forehead too. Even when i wash my face , i can feel that my skin is getting no smoother by day. 

I decided to take the Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink 2500 mg. Well, it is quite a pricey collagen drink but, i think it is worth a try if i am really want to take care of my skin. I know that despite collagen maintains youthfulness of the skin , i will still aged but , at least this drink may slows it down. Duh, i am talking as if i am  40 already!  I knew that collagen drink does not only improve the face only but also to the entire skin body.

Now that i already took 16 bottles for about three weeks. Advised to take a bottle daily for 6 consecutive days, a bottle every two days as to maintain the effectiveness. I actually do see changes in my skin ! I think if i really watched out what i eat, and sleep earlier, it will do better.

Even only 6  days, i noticed that my skin felt smoother and looked radiant than before even without make up on. Wrinkles certainly does not disappear yet. I do not expect that kind of miracle to happen anyway. My pimple heals 3 times faster and less scarring. My skin feels plumpier and more radiant. Acne scars before i took this drink also disappearing.

So, my verdict YES,i can drink myself to beauty! But of course, with maintaining the intake , sleep well, and eat well. I saw the same collagen drink in Watson but with higher contents of collagen, 5300mg, Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink Diamond. I think i am going to give it a try too. Maybe i will looked like 16 again. Arghh, that is so shallow me. I do not even like my skin when i was 16. Trust me, i looked my best at my age now. Better than ever.  
After finishing a box of it which contains 16 bottles i actually can see difference in my skin. My skin feels refreshingly hydrated, and feel plumpier aside from my scars healing gradually. It does not remove my worry lines but my skin definitely has reduced breakouts. Pimple does show up during certain time of the month but it heals faster and less scarring.

Did i mention that it taste delicious? It taste like lycee because of the lycee extract they put it in. It is best chilled before drinking it. The product also suggested that you drink it at the same time of the day everytime you took it in to give the body opportunity to create a body clock for the supplements to be absorbed effectively.

So that's it for now from me. What is your beauty secret? Do you have certain beauty regime ? How do you maintain your health ?


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