Friday, 26 October 2012

1 Being a Parent

 Being a parent, would you bring your young children to see R , P13, SG18, SX 18, SP 18 movies? 

My sister and I went to see the movie Sinister last Thursday night and we picked out the center seats well, to get a clear and balanced wide look at the screen. From the counter when we were picking out our seats, we could see that next to both of our seats was fully booked.  We thought that it was okay to bunk in and went with the packed row by the way.

We were 10 minutes late to go into the cinema, and when we got to our seats finally, i was taken a back when i saw the row was actually seated with 5 young children ,3 boys and 2 girls with a father and the mother. The father sat at the end while the mother sat at the other end of the row. The children by the way were separated by our seats. We took it as they didn't come together to the movie, like two different families that liked it so much violence movies. 

Holy crap. 

What was these parents thinking when they decided to bring out their children on weekdays night, it is not even a school holiday night to watch such movie with their children? lacking of knowledge of the movie's content? It was clear that the GSC put rating on the movie Sinister, P13. Means parental guidance is suggested for viewers under 13. Those children , for God's sake was like 6-9 years old ,obviously. 
Have these parents actually just lost their mind? No babysitter? 
Or is it because the cinema should have put R rate on the movie, so that it will be restricted enough for children to go in. I was surprise by the way, the movie Ted was one of the movie that was put in the list that they displayed for parents not bringing their young children to watch. Sinister had been MIA in the list. Shocker.

Throughout the movies, I can't be more frightened, more shocked, more suspenseful for the storyline, for i was being so busy checking out the girl's expression who sat next to me and the father. FYI, the movie claimed to be most scariest horror movie of the year! O boy, she sat there covering her face with her jacket throughout the movie. Her brothers, were doing the same too except they were occasionally peeking out from their shirt to see where the story goes. There's none interesting scene in the movie entertaining for these children.

I saw once the boy who sat next to the father pulling his father's shirt several times, I don't know  how many times he already did that. But, the father seemed like , he just shussh the kid and the boy was back covering his face with his shirt. The father steadily seated as if he was watching the movie with a damsel in distress in the cinema. I can't enjoy the movie enough seeing this real scene happening next to me. 

I almost asked the girl to bring her father home if she can't take it anymore to be sitting there. But, I was scared that the parent would yell at me for being busybody and accused that i don't know a damn thing about hardship on parenting, giving me the no-babysitter speech., i chose to keep sitting in uneasy, until the movie ends. 

Do you have such experience ? If 'parental guidance' are stated , how do you draw the line of the explicit contents to allow your children to watch such movies. Should the personnel in the cinema ticket counters responsible to remind parents who wishes to bring in their children ? What if the parents snap back? I think what taken most of  these personnel (like my guts) aback with this action, are the reaction of the parents. We were scared of how the parents react, for we always heard parents know what's best for their children. But , parents are human too...
The dilemma goes, parents raises their children differently.

Stay tuned, I still have review for the movie. For another entry, of course. I hope parents will read the movie Sinister 's content review (even if it's not from me), first before bringing their young children to sit together on the couch for a Halloween night , or any days.


  1. Selfish parents though. SHudnt have don that to their children pity them. If mahu bawa movie tunggu la ada cerita for kids


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