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2 Bali , The Island of Gods( Long entry )

Merry Christmas , lovelies who stopped by this very humble blog of mine. Boxing Day had also just ended yesterday and I could say, it was mind blowing as well. I was late in writing because  after me travelling away for like two weeks, I was so caught up with chores at home, my son could not sit still where he would pushed me anywhere to play with him around the house. Obviously, I was the only friend he knows  , at least for now. I am proud to be his first best friend. And I even challenged myself during this festive season to bake cookies like kuih makmur, rolled pineapple tarts and almond London. I failed at making macaroons again. And I even swore to myself that I would not bake another macaroons. 

Bali..... Bali.....

While most Indonesians are Muslims, Balinese are mostly Hindus. They built enormous,magical , beautiful temples and this land is truly home of artists where in every big junctions, you'll have a taste of the Balinese fine arts  by their statues of goddesses.Our visit in Bali was short but, it was memorable.
I was thankful to have such an amazing guide cum driver during our holiday in Bali, Dewa Putu Suria. You can contact him here if you wish for a truly Balinese son to be your guide. I think if it is your first time in Bali and needs introduction to this island, it is important to have a knowledgeable guide as you need to really understand the culture and taboo in this land especially if you are a foreigners. And your guide plays important roles on how you 'll see a place from your beholder. It is not wrong to have your own views though.

It is true  that Bali has more laid back cultures from the rest of Indonesia's islands but, if you are to visit their temples there are rules and regulations to obey to depending on which temples you are visiting though.

I thought that Bali was all about the beautiful beach but, actually it was more to spiritual. Well , at least to me. Though I am not a Hindu, but I had to admit that I found peace in this land. Up until now, i am still waking up to the thought that I 'll be walking into another beautiful temple or another beaches to hang out or another night to drink up if it weren't for my son calling , "mommy, mommy lets play my lorry.." early in the morning. I could say life was perfect there. Not that I am saying that I have a bad life here in Sabah, because you and I know that I have a great life here with my family and friends but, added with works and so many other petty matters here. A vacation is needed.

 I fulfilled my first destination of all the places that I want to be before the end of the world or the end of mine. Truly , if I had another chance, I would definitely choose Bali as the easiest escapades.

Reached Bali, went straight to Jimbaran Beach for dinner as our flight was delayed there were only time for a glass of cold beer and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Well, eating at the Jimbaran Beach could ripped off your purse if you are not careful with what you ordered.

At the Barong Jambe Budaya , at Gianyar. Well, I am worst at understanding a silent movie so, during this show I was so busy reading the script paper provided at the entrance, while trying my best to catch the storyline on the stage to understand it. I made it , I understand that the Barong dance was about good fighting the bad. Nice costumes, everybody in the show.

  The first temple we went.
Look at my long cardigans. I did not wear that sarong to go around Bali ok. Excuse me for this outrageous outfit. In most temple, you'll be borrowed with a sarong before you go to any temple here. That's why I came up with such outfit.

These two men were my company during the vacation . Of course , Steven is the one carrying my handbag. Talk about losing the sense of style on our first day in Bali. 

Trying out Balinese musical instruments. We also have it in Malaysia called the angklung if I am not mistaken. But, Balinese one was so finely made, with all those gold finishing?  Priceless. 

 A view that you must not missed when you are in Ubud. The paddy terraces. They had already reaped the paddy at the time I was visiting that's why you only see dirt and grass in this picture. But, you do see the terraces they built ,right.
 Me, trying my hands on roasting those fresh coffee beans.

You would taste all sorts of coffee and teas samples here. My most favorite, the vanilla coffee which I bought one for home. The special cup that Steven was drinking the Luwak coffee. If you were not familiar with this coffee, it was made from coffee beans that was pooped by the foxes. I would not elaborate here but, you could check it out from search engine.

 This look like public pool is in the Pura Tirtha Empul temple. People came here not only to pray but also to wash away all the bad energy in them. I was not ready for this, we did not bring any change for clothes so we skipped the bathing parts instead we went around the temple. It was beautiful and oh, you'll get a volunteer guide here. They would help you to take your photos and would asked if you want to buy their copies from their compact cameras. Of course, you'll choose some of it and buy it because you 'll feel sorry that they had became such a nice guide inside the temple. Our official guide could not go into with us for this reason. Hmmph.  Something to do with others' pocket income lah...

 By the Taman Ayun. Claimed as the most beautiful temple in Bali.

 Us.In love this photo  the most.

At the Beratan temple. 

This landmark was printed  on the Indonesian's bank notes. Of course from other angle.Ain't it majestic.

  Some pose that got us being stared by many visitors in the park of Beratan. COuld not believe ourselves too.
And I am an avid fan of durian. The proof is in the following photo. We had lots of durian in Malaysia but, we still stopped over at a stall somewhere in Bali by the roadside to have some durian.

Steven thought that the vacation would be complete if he does not get a temporary tattoo. I tried to persuade him to get the real one but he was not getting any . But, he paid fairly high price for his tattoo which he got in Tanah Lot. Resulting me getting one for free too just above my ankle.

  Mine was like the 'free gift' of temporary tattoo. It was nice by the way last more than 3 weeks on my skin.

 At the Tanah Lot. Steven and I agreed that this is the most beautiful one in Bali. Beaches, and the views here is to die for.

On our last day in Bali, we went for some water sport in Tanjung Benoa. Just some beach fun activities where there were lots to choose from but Steven and I chose the easiest ones like Flying Fish, (claimed to be the only one you could find ), Donut boat and jetski. Nothing too challenging for me as I am not water friendly kind of people.

This was us getting ready to fly. There were instructor with you all the time so , it was safe to play any watersport around here.  

The Donut boat. Basically these Flying Fish and Donut Boat operated by a speed boat pulling these boats.

Getting down. Well each ride would only take 15 minutes. Too short?

My first time riding a jetski. Fun, man.

  At some seconds during Steven and I were hanging out at Tanah Lot, his tattoo got all messed up before it dried on his skin. I was to blame for that. Then, our guide introduce him to a tattoo artist in Tanjung Benoa to repair the old one and Steven ended up getting another temporary tattoo on his lower arm.

 Remember Julia Robert staying in Bali for Eat, Pray and Love ? She made this beach, the above photo famous with tourists from around the world, the Padang-Padang Beach. It was perfect place to kill time, lying down to the finest sands while letting  your body splashed with sea water, enjoying the sun rays. Wah, I thought I was in heaven. Everyone there were chilling, doing their own thing, being themselves , taking pictures in their bikini, and having a good time. It was a sight that I will never forget. The woman in the photo is not Julia Robert though , to be clear.
    At the Uluwatu beach. What can I say about this place. Magnificent , clearest sea water, to die for waves. We agreed that it was the most beautiful beach. Next time, I would not want to miss the Kecak Dance here which took place by sunsets. We had to skip it at that time because we need to catch a flight to Jakarta at night and we were desperate for a spa before spending the night at the Jakarta's airport and a 4 hour train ride to Bandung.

That was me checking our destination lists to hit for shopping haul in Bandung. It was a short 2 nights stay in Bandung but, I am going back for more next year with my shopping clan.

 This is probably the last entry for the year of 2013. With all the greeting of 'Merry Christmas' issue by the Islams in Malaysia, rainy seasons overrated with fake tsunami warning and end of the world news flooded my Facebook, I am really looking forward for the new year and praying that all these will passed and a new year would bring new hope, new learning, and a better life. Yes, a better life.


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