Wednesday, 20 June 2012

0 Everyday Work Play Hard Make Up

I am grinning as i type this post title as it sounds like the technique is so hard to work on. Don't fret, make ups techniques that we bring to work i think is the simplest and the easiest to do. To me, choosing make ups style also applying the principle on dress to impress. Means the techniques and the degree of the thickness of the make ups depending on the ocassions we are attending.

When i am going to work, i prefer to wear the natural brown with a bit glitters, very light and simple unless i am involved in any sports or extracurricular activity in school. I will wear only eyeliner. As usual in any make ups rituals, we prep our face with moisturiser. I will wait for about 5- 10 minutes to allow the moisturiser to absorb into the skin. Then, apply foundations on the face evenly. It is best if we apply thin layer first and do not skip the neck to avoid masking effect and funny looking. I am using the BB cream white Maybelline with SPF 50 which i love for now for its long lasting effect and it does not oxidised and gimme the grey tone face at the end of the day when i am using a mere foundations. Wuhh, please forgive me if the photos go little blurry or and the color looked washed out. Still learning and trying to get perfect shot when doing make ups tutorial.

1.  First the eyebrow need to be defined by the eyebrow liner. I am using the powder type from In2It.

2. Then,  we take the second darkest color from the palette to be applied to the crease of eyes. I am using the Za Dramatic Eye Color in Gold palette.

2. Then, apply the glittery one to eyelid. This glitterry effect makes the eyelid looked bit more obvious for an Asian woman plus bigger eye effect.

3. Then apply the darker color to the outer eyelid, blend it with the color by its side to avoid harsh lines looks. Apply thin layer at a time is better than taking thick potion of the color to the eyelid because this make the color harder to blend and will likely looked uneven.

4. Then by using the same dark brown, apply it on the edge of the nose to make the nose looked higher. If i am not in a rush, i always do this since i am not blessed with perfectly shaped nose. Not that i am not thankful with what i have but i just want to enhance it sometimes temporarily with make ups effect.

4. The eyeliner. I cannot go nowhere out without it. Currently i am using the Masterliner Maybelline in brown. Apply it really close to the upper lashline that you get the slightly thicker lashline. Do not forget the lower lashline. Apply the eyeliner thicker at the outer lower lashline then slightly thinner towards the middle of the eyes. It is better to stop right at the bottom of the middle of eyeball.

5. Then curl the eyelash before applying generous mascara on it. I am using The Falsies Volume Express Maybelline in black. Apply it in zig zag way up to the end of the eyelashes to fan out every eyelash. Then without dipping the mascara brush to its tube, apply it to the lower eyelashes too. Though there were times when i was in a hurry, i always skip this step. Actually it has long way to go with the lower eyelashes as it makes the eyes looked bigger.

6. Smile and apply the blusher on the ample of the cheek up til close to the upper ears. Try using the largest brush you have as the blusher won't looked like a harsh pink circle on the cheek. I am using the Wet n Wild Coloricon blusher in pink. It gives me the healthy look on my face. Looked like i just finish a 200 metres run with it on my cheeks.

7. Apply some lippie. I like nudy or pinkish color when i am going to work and even random outings during the day. After applying some, i am  good to go. If i already fix my hair. :)

The end product. Eh, with different lighting and
hair set.

 How long do you spend time to do your make ups before going to work? For me, i need  at least 45 minutes. I may rush on any other thing in the world but   never go anywhere rushing my make ups time. But only if I need to groom myself to get there. For instance, I don't need to wear make up to get to the grocery stores which is only a kilometre away from home. Seriously.


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