Thursday, 21 June 2012

2 Make Over Date for Farewell Dinner

It has been years since i did not attend any formal dinner except for wedding dinner, i think since i was still in uni. But early this month i had a make over date with my sister for her farewell dinner. This was arranged since months ago and the date was still just around my comeback from Philippines. Perfect because i was still on holiday and it was one good excuse for me to go down to the city despite of my husband sick leg.

But before i was going to drive myself to her hostel, i got a call from her that her two friends asked if i can do make over for them too. Aww, it was three hours away from the dinner and i need one hour aside from the 3-hour, i was like, can i do 3 people in less than 3 hours preparation? What if they expected more of me? I might be able to nail their make ups, but i am never good at hair. I warned them about that by the way, however they are more than excited to trust their faces to my humble hands.

This is not my first time doing make over with people, i 'd done number of make over for flower girls, bridemaids and dinner but this is first time ever i have the guts to record the end products and publish it on my blog. Well, i wouldn't be able to publish it anyway because i only start blogging recently. Now, i see i had been typing for 3 paragraphs,just mere ramblings. Without further ado, check out the photos of before and after make over.

Olga: Before. She has very good skin , even if she does not
wear make up on daily basis, she still looked

Olga: After. Forgive me for the blurry shot. I put on
smokey black and glittery highlights team up with
pink blusher, lipstick and nude lipgloss.
My sister, Janefer: Before. She has oily and acne -prone skin.
By the way,the dark circles can be fixed using foundations.

Janefer: After. No more dark circles. I put on smokey brown eyeshadow team up
with pink blusher and pearly pink lipstick.

Claire: After. I don't have her before make over shot since
i only got 30 minutes left to do her make up.
Was quite in a hurry at tne time , only managed to
shoot the after make over sessions. She also had oily and acne-prone
skin , but as you can see after the magic of make up do his job,
she looked like she has the perfect skin. I put the same  make up on her as i
put on my sister's. 

 If you realize, none of these girl have the fake eyelashes going on. They refused to put it on as they were quite scared if they looked too over the top for the ocassions that night. Fyi, fake eyelashes could be overwhelming for them since it is their first time wearing this much of make ups on them.  I  simply agree to their request by the way, they looked beautiful even without it.

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  1. simply beautiful
    wow another lovely post from you
    thanks for sharing
    keep it up

    check and comment on my recenet post

    1. Hey, thank you! of course will check your recent entry! I am a fan of eyeliner!! :D


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