Thursday, 17 May 2012

0 Acne, Go Away !!

When i was a teenager i used to have this skin full of mini volcanoes that will erupts whenever i squeeze it. The kind of volcanoes that will not explodes on its own but by a hand which is mine. So, i felt pretty much like a God when I was squeezing my acne and pimples back in those days. I felt so hopeless and had this very low esteem that if i get really frustrated with my skin conditions I feel like scratching the whole skin on my face. Especially before and on my period. Lots of teenagers having this kinda problem  my sister and brother too. My skin is like the two extreme. My face skin is oily , it's like if i could squeeze my skin hard, it could produce a glass of oil. On the other hand, the skin of my entire body is fair and smooth. Aww, how i wished that my skin face could go just like my skin body has on!

It was back in my teen life! I was clueless of what to do with my skin. I got the three system cleansing rituals which is, cleanse, tone and moisturize which i get the Clean and Clear by Johnson & Johnson , a whole set of the three systems. As for my sunscreen , i used Pond's. But all of it were not working for me. I knew i had  one too many of sleepless nights to answer better on Additional Maths and Chemistry homeworks and  the roller coaster of hormones.  I was a nerds back in high school. A kind of bad nerds. All the causes that I couldn't do without and out of my control, which contributes to the appearance of mini volcanoes on my skin. 

Thank you for reading the not likely two-paragraphs introductions. The real content had just in. After my high school, I joined the National Service that helps me a lot on  recovering my self esteem issues and then i learned to embrace my skin conditions. They don't teach specifically on dealing with acne issue by the way, but the programs in it was what teaching me to have a good impressions on myself.  I tried my every will power not to play God against my skin which is not to squeeze the pimples and acne. Which this is very hard to do sometimes until now especially during stressful days. I did many research on the net and read books on skin care from the library and then I tried to find every affordable products starts with cleansing gel , foam or cream and whatsoever with cleansing off the skin in the drugstore to experiment with, especially those that had Triclosan or  salicylic acid in them. I started to used blotting paper, my favorite of all time is blotting film by Clean and Clear Johnson & Johnson. It doesn't smudge my foundations or whatever make ups I have on my face. 
My magic face wash by Himalaya Herbals

Fave blotting film. It doesn't tear no matter how harsh
you rub it on surfaces. Love it, makes my skin ever fresh
and matte.
Then, finally i found one the Biore cleansing foam, the one in red tube. I used it for few years until finally when i was started working in Lahad Datu, my skin developed this kinda eczema at the nose and lips area, probably because the skin reaction to the environment there. I lived near a palm oil processing factory and my skin was exposed with too much dust and it was so hot there. I broke my rules of triclosan and salicylic acid by going natural. I tried this very Himalaya Neem Face Wash which only contains naturales like neem herbals and turmeric. Do you know in Indian culture, turmeric has the effect of soothing the acne and pimples? In less than 1 week, my eczema was gone forever at least until right i'm typing on this post. My skin condition also improved, it does not goes too dry after cleansing, or too oily. My skin feels so soothed after applying it. From what i researched on, an oily and acne prone skin does not need the toner but, still need the moisturizer on. But, i think it is still okay to skip on if you have the right kind of face wash.   

Second most important rules to take care of oily skin condition is to avoid oily products. I mean products that makes your face oilier than it already has. It takes up a lot of commitment to take care of the skin. We need to experiment products , because each products has different effects on a person's individual skin. Though the products says, "Oil-free", don't go all nuts on it. Read its reviews on the net,  buy a small bottle of it, or if  it does have the sample one, try it first for at least a week or two. The product must not dry your face too much or it will still acne prone because our skin release a sebum that provides antibacterial effect. But still, too much of something is never good too. It got to have some kind of balance to the skin. Not too oily not too drying. I mean this for foundation, creams, moisturizers, blushers. 

Finally, you got to have clean handphone, pillowcases, blanket , towels with you. In short, hygiene must be taken good care of. Anything we touched and tends to stay close to our face can infect bacteria to the skin hence, the pimples will pop out in less than 24 hours. 

This cream saves my life one too many times.
Hey, it works on my face as it says it does. The benzoyl
peroxides it has is what diminishing the
pimples and acne away.
With all that maintenance, good self-esteem, and hygiene care still, every now and then i got the acne and soft pimples going on before and during my period. I play no God anymore, I will not squeeze 'em but massaging them with my power cream Oxy 10 that works hard during the blues. It works as long as I don't squeeze the volcanoes. I also don't work late nights , only when I really had to. I have my rest well at night as skin renews itself most of the time at nights. How about you? Do you have acne problem too? How do you cope with it?

Kisses, Jessie Voo Proud momma


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