Friday, 19 April 2013

0 The third is not always the charm

Since officially getting the mother title i have very little time to shop for myself. Therefore, online shopping is where i turn to get my shopping addiction going. Yeah it never ceases. 

I am sure that almost everyone knows Zalora right? Yesterday i got my 3rd purchase from it which i bought a bag organiser, Organise Josie by Gin Jacqie.

Look how cute this is. It is like a little bag inside a bag.
The bag organiser is so cute and perfect for all my handbag collections. Now , i don't have to worry that i will forget the must-have things in my handbag when i want to change it just before heading to work! 
When i want to change my handbag, i just pull it off and insert it to other handbag

I also bought a heels by Sidewalk, which is a disappointment of all. I took it out from the plastic bag. The first thibg that i will examine when getting myself a shoe is to look at its sole. Whether it is perfectly intact with the body of the shoes or not. Well, the sole is not adhered well to the body of the shoes. I think if i were to walk in those , i will get a 'laughing' shoes in less than 15 minutes walking. 

Beautiful aren't them? At first , i just can't wait to wear it to work.
I understand that i can returned damaged goods but , i just don't know how long will it takes to deliver me the new one. The box was enclosed with a returned slip but, it does not say if it will deliver a new one. It only says that they will deliver a new size if it does not fit me, or choose to received store credit voucher via e-mail. And i can returned the goods via Pos Laju and the cost of shipping costs will be included in the store voucher credit. Well, the purpose of shopping online is to save time and  energy to go around malls looking for a pair of good shoes. But, when you got damaged thing delivered to you?! A complete turn-off! 
You don't sell damaged goods. This also happened at the other side of the shoe.

Of course, these are the issues that we have to deal when shopping online but, seriously? Zalora should put an effort to check if the goods delivered is in the best conditions. If it's new let it delivered like it's new.It dares to make a world-wide promotions on the web and on national tv, but also dares to sell damaged goods? You can do better than this.

I still haven't made my mind yet if i will returned it or not though. I mean i really like the shoes and would love to wear it. The other options i have to send it to cobbler to fix it. We will see about it.


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