Thursday, 25 April 2013

1 A review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit

Fan of BB cream? 

I am. Once the BB cream phenomenon broke, i went crazy and looking on the net and read on few local  magazines the difference of BB cream and foundation. Oh, then i went crazy for the search of perfect BB cream. 

Right until now,  i have already tried three brands of  BB creams. He.. he.. it is not overwhelming though because i had just already give myself a run for each at least a month. I fear that if i change products too quick, my face is too vulnerable for breakouts. 

However, though for the two brands that i have been using before this review, it always started as a dewy skin when in fact i like it more matte on my skin because i have an oily skin and very prone to pimples. Then , in the end of the day  especially when i had a well occupied day, i will at least found one breakouts after washing my face in the evening. I know, not cool.

So, i found this Etude House's BB cream in 1Borneo Hypermall. Actually i have been eyeing on this BB cream on the net and found mixed good and moderate reviews on it while rarely bad one. So, i bought one in Natural Beige. I was kind of skeptical actually if i should try the Light Beige but, I was afraid if it would make me look greyish. 
Beautiful packaging!

Etude House Precious Mineral  Bright Fit BB cream has more options of shades available compared to other brands of BB cream which can only offer two to three options. And the color also really blend with the skin color rather than masking the face with the cream itself. 

I choose Natural Beige and it suits my skin color best!
Naah, dull skin before application of BB cream. Large pores are everywhere. Sorry if you disgusted by this photo.


Skins looked brighter and skin tone becomes more even. Redness on the nose is covered too. Pores are slightly reduced. There is no editting involved in this photos. Except resizing it. Most acne scars are moderately covered though there are some still visible.

It feels the lightest BB cream i had ever tried and very easy to blend on the skin with fingers.  Skin feels very smooth after application. What i like more is that my pores size looked reduced thus it really makes my skin looked smooth. Other BB cream only makes my pores more visible and deeper. Yuckss. 

My skin falls into the oily category, which it will get oily 45 minutes after washing my face and it gets faster like 20-30 minutes with any cream put on my face. But, this BB cream from Etude House takes me at least 45 minutes to get my skin oily all over. Therefore, for me, it has better oil control though it gives slightly dewy look once applied on the skin too. This what makes people with good skin condition a radiant look , i think. And  oily to people like me. 

Super convenient pump.
Packaging is luxurious and neat. It comes with the famous pump which makes the application easier and un-messy. It also comes in quite large quantity with 60 g nett. Other drugstore's brand BB cream only provides 15-25g of cream which I can finish that in less than two months. 
Comes with SPF 30 and PA++, also whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-darkening benefits. Yes, BB cream is combinations of all beauty benefit.

The price is RM 89.90 which quite affordable consider it comes in quite big and sophisticated packaging.  I will definitely buy it again.
* Product used is blogger's. Unsponsored. :p


  1. Thank you for the review!! Try using The Face Shop magic cover BB cream. It gives more coverage than EH's BB cream. but the only con is that it's more expensive :(


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