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0 Romantic City of Zhuhai

When I said that I was in Zhuhai,people were like where the heck is Zhuhai?It is in Southern China,near MacAu.Macau is only 20 minutes away from Zhuhai. Of course we only have to walk to cross the border at Gongbei if we are to enter Macau from Zhuhai.  Zhuhai can be called as the romantic city with its symbolic statue, The Fishing Lady. It is the cleanest city in China and has amazing infrastructures with mixed development where one can see there are lots of skyscrappers of shop housing and enormous 4 stars hotels. 
City view from Shijingshan Park

The symbolic of Zhuhai, statue of Fishing Lady
However,Zhuhai is a modern city with gardenlike coastal area with ecotypical resort. The main attractions is the Lover's Road and Jingshan's Road,which gives this city the title as romantic city. From Lover's Road,you can see the Statue of Fishing Lady.This statue also symbolizes this city as  main producer of pearls as you can see the statue is holding a pearl on her palms. If you are visiting this area of city attraction, be ready to find suitable spot to get the bestest view of the statue for there just have too many tourist there taking pictures like you do and also beggars singing the blues songs along the roadside. From what I heard this city receives more tourists on December. This maybe because of the moderate weather it has, though during my stay l felt cold all the time. However it has been more than pleasant experience for me during my entire stay there.
Me , along the Lover's Road

Pedestrian lane across the Lover's Road.
 Steven, Sherry, Linus and me also had been experimenting with Zhuhai's street food at a night market after night shopping. Nothing beats 'smelly tofu'. l don't know about you but it certainly doesn't taste as it sounds. And it is my favorite! Though it leaves you with bad breath. Thank you for the tour guide who brought us for dinner as early as 5.30 p.m. and drop us to hotel at 6.30p.m.Night was too young for good night sleep in Zhuhai therefore my friend went to ask a kind bell boy to introduce us to a taxi driver to take us where to shop and to find tasty comfort food. But man...difficulty is what i got when i am unable to speak Mandarin. How i wish i was being more interested in practising Mandarin when dad was mostly fond on teaching back in old days. Most of the shopkeeper were unable to understand English from even the simple "how much" let alone telling numbers in English. 
Let me tell you something, BRING A CALCULATOR WITH YOU ! If you have to shop at countries  that you know not speaking your language. What's good about the shopping street that we had been was they allowed you to bargain til the lowest price POSSIBLE . Well, since I don't bring my handphone or calculator, we have to communicate by writing on papers. And of course with some simple body language like gestures to tell, "yes","no",and"good". But to my surprise the hawker in street food stall can understand simple English like queries for asking prices. They will not reply in English however, but they used their body language successfully and brilliantly to tell numbers, even me cannot understand it at times. That's why i could easily finished two bowls of "smelly tofu", easy to ask!  God, they tasted really good! Despite leaving me with bad breaths, still it wins my heart over.

You can find a lot of these seafood dries in Zhuhai, in almost tourist attraction places. Zhuhai used to be a fisherman town therefore, you can get lots of seafood here. 
These dried squids tastes good and quite good for the health of your face muscles as it is kinda tricky to quickly chew and swallow it. So you have more time to chew on it.
Larger than life 4 stars hotel of Di Hao. This is the lobby! Check out the bed for bussiness suite room!

Feels like royals! But you might wanna think twice on slamming your body on it because the bed is quite hard. Not quite. It is indeed hard.

Shijingshan Park

It is a recreational park, though we only have time to take cable car going up and down the hills and enjoy the scenery from the highland. They do have sliding car, called Tommy's car here where one can choose to go down the hill by it or by the cable car. 

Going up the hill. It is pretty cold as you going up.

I knew that the visit to the park could only get more excited if we took the Tommy's car or sliding car. Unfortunately, the weather would not allowed us to do it that day. This is due to the lack of grip force between the railway and the car when it is wet thus, they wouldn't allowed any visitor to get into action with it, uncertain for its safety. So, there goes the opportunities for some adrenaline rush for winter cold morning.

So i am just gonna share some photos that we took from up the hill. I must say that this is not the peak of it, i saw there is another lane to go to the peak but since our guide also did not allowed us to go beyond their eye and time radar, we stayed around enjoying the breathtaking view of Zhuhai city.
Ain't this looked excited? If you are looking for some adrenaline rush, then this is a way to go. But, the weather gotta be good for a safe ride. 

He wasn't too excited about me going for the sliding car to go down the hill. I remembered it was only Sherry , Fredley and me who was so keen about it, I thought the rest were quite relieved when they found out that the Tommy's car is not operating in bad weather. So, okayy....someday somewhere i am gonna get a ride on a real roller coaster.

Uphill too , you can find this rock where lovers paid to a souvenir shopkeeper to carve their names on the keys where they would prayed by the rock for their long togetherness before they hang on the keys on the rock.
It is better if you can read this for me. Really i don't understand this pinyin. So if i made any mistakes on interpreting the functions for the rock, please do let me know in the comment box. I just listen and write what my tour guide said.

Don' t they looked cute together? This is Sherry and Linus. I knew them from my years in UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah), who knows that they would be my travelling buddies? Been traveled with them twice and had so much fun hanging around with them. 
Us, on Zhuhai - Macau - Manila vacation.


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