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0 How to Tell Fake from Genuine Pearls

If there are places to find pearls in Malaysia, one will search it to Sabah either to the East Coast , Semporna as the main producer or one just have to go to Filipino market in Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah.

Like any precious jeweleries, pearls are no exception to being super expensive though it can be priced according to its grade and quality. However, how do you make sure that you are paying for the pure one?

There are number of ways. First, you rub the pearl at the edge of a flat surface. If it is a pure one, you will find traces of powder on the surface and the pearl's surface will seemed scratched. Rub the traces of powder back to the surface of pearl, if the pearl surface back to its previous look, then it is the pure pearl. Fake one will just peeled off when you rub it to a sharp edge and revealing its true color, the bead that makes it underneath the shining layer pearl lookalike.

Secondly, is by feeling the pearl to your neck.If it feels cool to your sKin,then you may also claim it to be real pearl.However, this test could sometimes not effectively proven due to the differences of your body temperatures and surrounding temperatures , which will affect the feel on you skin. You may perform this simple test in case you meet a persistent seller who won't let you scratch his pearls. Well, according to thumb principle, we know  that the stuff  selling are not real stuff if they won't let you run the genuity test. 

Another way  is by examining its surface. Genuine one will have fine veins like lines on  its surface. If it just clear and smooth surface,no matter how sweet talking  the seller to you on its grade and quality you gotta know how to tell the difference between fake and genuine one for the worth of your money.

Fake !! It looked like a mere arrangement of cheap beads. You can see that it has so clear smooth surface.

Real one, i tell you..If you notice, you can see the fine lines that looked like veins to the pearl.

Another thing to remember is that pearls live in salty water therefore, genuine one's surface will not be peeled or faded over time . This is because your body secretes sebum,which is salty,almost similar to the natural habitat of pearl.Therefore, if you wear pearls regularly, it will only shine more, never faded. 

Thinking of having one,getting one for your loved one?or you already have it in your jewellery box but now you are being doubtful about  its genuity. So, now you can perform some test to  see that you are paying for  real stuff.
:) i am not being paid for this entry as i did not state which jeweler's shop i been in Zhuhai. But ,this is the photo of it. Lots of bargaining happening behind me. And i am just another customer who was waiting for some good bargains.
Found a lovely dog in the shop too. He was too real to be true to me so, i make Steven to take our photo. I was so excited the owner let me held it , I don't remember last time i held a dog anymore.

Okay,i have to make it clear that ,i am no jewellers expert,l am just sharing something I get from the producer of pearl jeweller during my vacation  in Zhuhai, China. Hope that this entry will be helpful to you.

Outside the jeweler shop. Well, i am not looking for pearls by the way on that day but, i do pay attention when the jeweler rest their case because i own two sets of pearl accessories that  i not known of its genuinity though i had spent quite big money on it before.


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