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0 Simply Kota Belud

Yeah! This is my hometown though i wasn't born here. I was born to a closest sibling to this town. Ranau! 

I came to this town when i was 13 years old following the year of my dad retired from Mamut Copper Mining back in 1999. I absolutely love visiting my cousins, my great aunts and uncle, my dearly late grandpa during those years. But there is no single thing that i really remember about this town back in those years. 

I do have a lot of friends maybe more than in town friends. There is one out of three when i was asked about where am i from , i would get that somekind of look. It's not people of Kota Belud are bad like that, it's that people from out of town always cringe when thinking about the town. 

The town feel small but, it is always crowded with vehicle. You don't see lot of people walking around, though you see lot of car and it is really hard to find a single vacant parking in this very town. It is like everyone in the house got in a single car for each to get to their destinations. Don't get me wrong, because i truly understand that people always got their own errands to run.. their destinations are not that one way due to the lack of proper town development planning in the old days. Because! If we see it nowadays, it is getting better and better by years when the city council added more shop buildings. 

People of Kota Belud are kind and very helpful, though the out of townies always said that people here could be such an idiot when they always claimed for the loss of their livestock when their cows or goats got knocked down by crazy , intoxicated, wannabe F1 racers  drivers. Yes, these townies let their livestock wander around the lanes, even the main roads (!) when we knew that roads aren't supposed to be the bed for these animals to rest and chilled. To our surprise too, not only during the day, but also at nightime. These cows and goats let alone slept or sleepwalking (God knows i don't care what they did because they don't belong there, on the road) at night , and must i say that there are not many roads were built with road-lights, so it is dark and drivers either the townies or not, have to stand by your leg to knock on the brake pedal anytime! Hey, these so wannabe police animals even wandered and slept around in town , just outside the shops. But very often , they will clear up, going to nowhere i know, and left their poops outside the shop they 'rent' for the night.

I know, this situation can be quite frustrating especially if you have to always going  passed this town. And there is not much changes over the years.
Well the reasoning why these situation happens because we do feel that Kota Belud is the ultimate hometown whereas most townies make it like their home. Like we do what we like with our home. We put whatever mess in our own room and clean it up again when we feel like it. Thats why townies park their car regardless the 'NO PARKING' logo and parking boxes. Townies are busy with their errands thus got no more extra time to find available parking boxes. It is time consuming and sometimes could be frustrated. Especially when there were drivers who decided to take on 2 parking spaces for single vehicle. Yeah he is that busy.

About the cows and sometimes the glorious horses. I gotta warn to those either you are a townies or just another passers by that you should hold the urge to slam the honk of your car to avoid these animals from kicking up your car . We are concern about the welfare of the passers by. We know you have sophisticated cars that you are most likely feel like it is a waste to drive it at 60km per hour thereby we decided to stop you from speeding by letting the cows to replace the police during the day. Then drivers will drive more carefully when passing through this cowboy town. Now who needs AES here? Well, if you persisted to speed more then, you will end up hitting the cows (or horse) and the damage could be major one.

There! You could've find the bright sides if the cringy situation when you sre staying in the town. A lot. And might make you more happier person then.

Despite all of these downsides, this town still very much in touch with their culture. There are still Tamu Besar held every November and you actually can find a lot of stuff here. From traditional delicacies to handicraft for example. Nowadays as the townies getting more advanced in their lifestyles you can also find roadshow from leading car brands. Though however this annual event does not eliminate the bad situations of this narrow roads and impatient drivers and pedestrians of the town, this is the time when you are actually have to integrate all the bright sides behind the situation so you can enjoy your time here in Kota Belud.


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