Sunday, 21 October 2012

0 Sunday Beauty Ritual, DIY Facial

What do you do on Sunday night before starting off your week?

I always have my beauty ritual on.

It just something that i always do to get through the Monday blues on the next day. Sounds shallow but, well you gotta look good though your heart and mind are not really ready for work yet.

I called it the DIY facial at home. Anybody can do this at home and you might have heard this zillion times before reading yours truly entry on how to do DIY facial. I myself couldn't do it completely though, i have to watch my mood. If i had a quite productive Sunday, i might skip few steps. 

First, wash your face thoroughly with your regular face cleanser. Just remember not to rub it to your face roughly. Enough with gentle massage to the face. Massage is important to your face as it promotes good circulation to your face. 

Then, scrub your face, GENTLY. Your skin is your biggest asset and you wouldn't risk it for love too. You gotta love your skin , no. 1. Hahaha.. This step is optional as i don't do it in regular basis. This is the step where i tend to skip. Some say that scrubbing your face can be bad for your skin. It is not, unless you're doing it in daily basis. The most frequent you might do is once or twice a week. 

Then, boil water. After it is boiled, pour it a medium sized bowl. Take a face towel, circle it around your face , the hairline until your chin. Face down towards the bowl's mouth. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCALD YOUR SKIN WITH HOT STEAM. Ensure that your face is at least 5 inches further from the surface of water. Do this for about 10 minutes. Steaming your face makes the pores more opened ( but not yet removed impurities in them, as people usually said) and ensure that impurities easier to be removed then.

After this, take your favorite masker and smooth it onto your face in circular motion. My favorite masker is by Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack. This is the kind of mask that needed to rinsed off. This is also the kind that suits best one with oily face. Meanwhile, the peel off type is best worked with dry to normal skin. However, as i said it earlier, use your favorite. All mask works the same way. It might claim that it fairs, tightens the pores, lifting up the skin and so on. Well, that's up to you to believe it. But, what's important is your mask must effectively removed impurities from your skin pores. This in turn, will give you that radiant and fairer look regardless of what brand of masker you are using. Unless, there is ingredients in the mask that you are allergic too, avoid it. 

 I don't mean to scare you with this photo but, this is how it looked when you are using my favorite mask. It feels muddy and rough to the touch but the smell of the mask is so relaxing. It is made from herbals (Neem - has antibacterial properties and Fuller's Earth- soothes and cool the skin, now who does not love the feeling?), and turmeric.
There was this one time that my son saw me in it, when i bend to kiss him, he actually screamed  in terror. Poor little boy..he thought he seen a ghost.

Looked very ugly but, in 15 minutes, radiant and clean face would be revealed! Tadaa..
Nah, u got me without my make up on! I must say that i don't have the perfect smooth skin going on though. Despite all my beauty ritual. But, hey not having perfect skin does not mean that you have to let it be. Maintain it. And you still can look good regardless of your skin type.

I rinsed the dried mask with a cellulose face sponge that i usually bought from Guardian store. After that, i put on my skin's BFF, Oxy 5 Vanishing Formula, an acne-pimple medication. I had been using this since i was a teenager. If you asked me if it works to get rid of pimples, i would say yes though you might doubt it. I got it if you have doubts because if it works, i wouldn't need it anymore now. Here's the thing. Pimples don't just go away, okay. Especially if you are born with oily skin type. There are times when you looked absolutely radiant, and there are times when your skin feels like falling apart. Trust me, those bad skin days will passed as long as you don't squeeze it and stick to your skin regime. 

5 or 10, these are my skin's BFF

If you are using any pimple medication, massage it gently to the problem areas of your face in circular motion too. Yes, everything done gently and massage in circular motion. Oh man, how i like to stress it here. It makes a lot different okay than randomly rubbing your face all over. 

Then, wait for the acne cream to absorb into the skin for about 5-10 minutes before applying moisturiser. No matter you have a dry or oily skin, you have to moisturise it at least during the night. I love Za True White Emulsion. Been faithful to this moisturiser since i was still in uni. Just pat it on your skin and let it be absorbed naturally by the skin. 

Finally, sleep well before gearing up for the whole week. Enjoy your weekdays.


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