Wednesday, 26 September 2012

0 Robert and Kristen are together again?!

I guess you heard it already.

Few months ago, we were shocked by the news of the Twilight couple broke up after photos of Kristen and Rupert Sanders steamy sessions leaked. After they broke up, Robert immediately moved out from the house they shared. ...

But now, they are reportedly moved back in! Walaaa...! Good for them. I am sure thousand of fans could finally held their breath and screams, "told ya! they're belong to each other!"
So, i want to share my opinion on this trust issues matter based on my experience. I had an on off boyfriend few years ago. Once the trust problem makes its debut, though we still happy when we were together but, everytime we fought, the issues will make its ugly appearance in the arguments. We put up to this problem up for three good shitting years ( the problem debut on our third year, so we had three happy shitting years, and another three roller coaster shitting years) , i believe not only me who work hard for the relationship but also him as well but, we just can't stand each other anymore after those years. So, we broke up for good just like we always reunited for good but to no avail. 
  Rekindling a broken relationship especially related to trust issues is no easy work. The party that was hurted must work his feeling  to forgive and trust that hurtee. The hurtee on the other side must can we say , have to cater to whatever the hurted needs from the hurtee in order to gain that trust again. If the hurted one is asking for crazy requests, sacrifices have to be made but , no promises are given. It is all depend on the hurted person's personality too. So, we do hope that Robert will be softer to Kristen though i know there are numbers of you out there thinks that she deserves a slap on her face. 
Are they moving back in yet? According to gossip sites, they do not just yet. Click here to find out more on their reconciliation. This link even said the very details on their reunion table talk. 
 LOOK OUT! There even a link that says Robert is asking Kristen's hand for marriage if she really want the relationship to work.  Wtf, do you believe that? Do you believe that Robert will think that the relationship will grow okay-er if they are married? Any sane human would know that marriage will not guarantee a peaceful relationship and may lead to worse problem if it is not from mutual desires. Of course, Robert has ever proposed to her before but, Kristen was not in hurry for it yet. So, how about now when Robert asked again, will she says 'yes' to show that she really commit to their relationship?
In case you are not reading this full entry, only browsing for some good photos, I'll make it clear that this couple is not married yet but fans are looking forward for this to happen in real life. This photo was taken in their wedding scene in Twilight Breaking Dawn.

Since i am a fan of them on and off screen, i really looking forward for their wedding. And hoped that Rupert Sanders name does not resurface everytime they had a fight after this. Fingers crossed.


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