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0 Color wheel and Style: The Game of Matching

Imagine yourself in this situation. You've got red kebaya to rock on today to an event, you wonder if you should go on and wear it since you do not have red heels, red hand candy to complete the whole look. Yes, many girls think that everything has to matched by the exact same color head to heels.

Well, think again. There's whole lots of bunch of colors that certainly could go with red.

Me, i hate that all one color look. I like pairing contrasting colors together. I mean randomly. Without any knowledge of the color harmony and complementary. But when i search online i found out that there very close connections between the color wheel and make up. Like cheese and pizzas. That good pizza you want to share with everyone else because you are too full of the goodness of them.

Colors play great important deal in styles. Head to toe, enough said.

Questions always arise how do we know how particular colors matched with others. By staring at the mirror for an hour? That mirror could be broken you know for the over powering of the image of you standing too long in front of it! But actually it is easy! Refer to the color wheel! My color wheel below is the extended one contains almost every possible primary to tertiary colors.
Cool tones: From lime green to violet
Warm tones: From Crimson to yellow

There are four ways how we can match colors on the color wheel to apply it on our make up regime or style picks. Complementary, analogous, monochromatic, and triadic. Complementary colors does not necessarily comes for two opposite colors on the color wheel only, but it can be 'x' complementary too. Means four colors combo. For instance , blue, violet, yellow and orange.

Matching colors pattern on the color wheel.
Complementary : opposite colors can involve with two until four colors.
Triadic: Colors that form triangle on the color wheel.
Analogous : Involve 2-3 colors that are sides by sides
Monochromatic: One gradient color from darkest to brightest shades 


You still has to consider your skin undertones! Either it is cool or warm undertones. How the heck we know? Take silver and gold jewelleries, put them on the skin under your wrist. If silver looked better on it, then your skin fall under cool undertones while if your skin looked better with gold, then you are warm undertoned. Or , if this is too confusing, then look at the vein color under your wrist. If the veins looked green then, you are warm undertoned, if they looked blue, you are on the opposite undertones. 

If you still confuse about your undertones, then you can always pick cool undertones as this works on almost every skin tones. 
So, if you have brown eyes, you have the most fun of all, as you can match almost every color of make up there are in the market.
Green eyes? Purple is the wisest choice to bring out the beautiful color of green.
Blue eyes stand out more with golden, brown and orangey shades.
One has to remember the basic on putting make up on your eyes is to never put the same shades of eye make up with your eyes color. You will only looked washed out. That leaves us to the theory, if you are matching your eye color with your eyeshadow, go for opposite colors.
Generally, if you are to choose the right shades of lipstick, you may use the principle of triad. For example, if you have green shades of eyeshadow, then the most flattering color for your lips is coral color.
Smoky eyes, brown.
Monochromatic colors are very great to be applied for creating smoky eyes. As this will create gradience on the eyelids if they are applied with correct technique, which is the blending technique. I used to think that smoky eyes are meant for black, grey and brown shades but the fact is smoky eyes is not about the color but  the blending technique is what mattered and gives the smoky eyes look.
Colorful make up and nail colors

 Aw, you seeing things in two? Blinking? Pardon me, if i made you feel dizzy. I admit that this game of matching colors, understanding them can be daunting. I myself apply this very seldom. Of course there are days when we feel like in the mood for colors That's when we can play this game of matching colors and have fun with it.

The color theory does not applied to only the eye make up alone. It is never. Your colors of clothes, handbag, shoes, earring or whatever you wear head to toe, could be matched with the colors from the color wheel. For example,  to achieve a warm look, you wear a green tank top, then you may use orange jacket then complete it with violet heels. on the other hand, to achieve cool look, you may wear combination of blue, pink and yellow. 
Cool tones styles 
Warm tones styles
But, of course exception are meant for the neutral colors like black, white and grey. These colors however does not sit in the color wheel. They can be matched with pretty much every colors we had. Still, it is better to avoid wearing more than 3 colors at a time. Especially if you are heading to work. There were rules on attending certain interviews require that one should never wear more than 3 colors of outfit when you are attending interviews. Guess it's just too early for too much personality, perhaps?

So, armed with color wheel theory, it is not necessarily wear for example blue eyeshadows, blue handbag when you wear blue outfits. Maybe of different shades of monochromatic blue with completely opposite colors for accessories. For eye makeup, experiment with colors, though usually we took the safest way, which to go for earthy tones since it never goes wrong! Turn to the opposite color, like orangey shades. The whole look will be catchy and definitely get a headturn for that.

Colors set mood. Color you, color me.

Have fun picking colors, girls!


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